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Say hello to PPSPY, the future spyware for dropshipping and Shopify. It gives you the power you need to achieve your desired goal by making it simple for you to locate the stores and top-selling items of your rivals.

This section of the PPSPY Review has you covered whether you're a business owner trying to expand your operation or are just getting started with your dropshipping business. Everything about PPSPY that you are required to use is covered in this article.

What is PPSPY?

PPSPY Review

Like many other market-available commerce inspectors, PPSPY enables you to keep tabs on your Shopify rivals.

It gives you access to analytics that may typically be hidden by your competitors and is designed for dropshipping and other e-commerce endeavors. This gives you the advantage you require to pursue dropshipping and have information at your fingertips.

Additionally, PPSPY offers a premium edition with more functionality. You can use PPSPY's helpful tools, such as sales tracking and sales reporting, to check how your competition is doing.

You may verify store data and items organized by product category, vendors, or tags using its Shopify inspector feature, which also offers comprehensive store statistics.  Additionally, you can check out the store's top-selling items, recently added items, and export items.

Your targets in the dropshipping sector can be accomplished through using the PPSPY tool.

This tool offers detailed information on everything from the names of your closest competitors to the volume of sales they've generated and the best-performing products.

You may even track sales in real time and examine the hidden tactics your rivals are using to boost sales.

So, if you're a business owner looking to launch a dropshipping operation to boost sales, PPSPY has everything you need to raise your e-commerce game.


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PPSPY Key Features

PPSPY offers a complete set of features that can help in making things better for running a complete analysis and research. Some of the best features offered by PPSPY for sellers are as follows:

Track Any Competitor In Seconds

PPSPY Sales Tracking Feature

The Sales Tracker offers Shopify merchants real-time insights into their store's performance, allowing them to analyze sales data, track customer behaviors, and identify popular products. This data-driven decision-making helps optimize store performance, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

In order to provide you with a complete picture of your competitor's performance, PPSPY's in-house AI-powered technology forecasts order data, while delivering a five-day sales report.

Store Market Research

Shops can be filtered based on revenue, search volume, keywords, sales, and other factors. Top stores are sorted based on sales and revenue.

Knowledge of free and paid traffic sources, patterns, and popular paid advertising networks is gained.

Regional or linguistic distribution breakdowns are eliminated. Additional attributes like product tags, pixels, themes, and apps can also be used to filter.

Product Research

PPSPY Product Research Feature

Get ideas for new products that are being listed in different stores you are analyzing. Users can also identify popular products based on monthly sales and revenue. You can basically, find countless tested, honorable products and learn about the newest product trends.

PPSPY's AI research capabilities help you identify best-selling products, make data-driven decisions, and stock inventory with guaranteed items.

Stay updated on new products and capitalize on emerging trends before they go mainstream, establishing yourself as a trendsetter in your industry.

Find design ideas for product landing pages. Filter results using a keyword, a price range, or a product category.

Find One-product Stores

PPSPY One Product Stores

Choose the ideal dropshipping market, and find the ideal market segment for dropshipping. Learn about the requirements of very desirable customers. As a dropshipper who is actively engaged in the ads, which is considered the backbone of the dropshipping business, the One-product store can be of great value to you.

Some of the advanced filters offered in the One-product store such as tags, sales filters, ad channels, and advanced sales can be of great value to users who seek to perform targeted research for your dropshipping operations.

Shopify Theme Design Ideas

PPPSY Store Theme Feature

Discover the common store theme designs and browse Shopify design inspiration by theme. Explore Shopify design concepts based on monthly traffic. Study website language for Shopify design inspiration.

Analyse Shopify design concepts based on the volume of products. View Shopify design concepts for various product categories. Using the theme detector by PPSPY, you can always look forward to delivering a better view of your products and dropshipping store.

Traffic Research

PPPSY Traffic Research

Analyse online store traffic for stores. Find out which stores are being advertised on social media, SEO, email, paid display, etc. What makes this feature even better is the countries from where the traffic is coming from (shown in the image above).

To find stores with significant traffic growth, analyze the sources of store traffic. This data helps optimize marketing strategies and focus on platforms generating the most traffic and conversions.

How to get started with using the PPSPY Free Trial?

PPSPY is a specialized dropshipping tool designed to help dropshippers find winning products, analyze competitors' strategies, and get ahead of what their competitors might be working on.

With a free trial offer, users can access a comprehensive database of winning products and successful dropshipping stores without upfront costs or payment details. The tool provides valuable data on pricing trends, product demand, and customer behavior, enabling informed decisions to boost profits and enhance customer shopping experiences.

The dedicated support team is available 24/7 to guide users through the trial process, ensuring they make the most of their trial experience. No card is required to access the free trial, and there is no card required to access the trial.

Join the ranks of successful dropshippers who have harnessed the potential of PPSPY's dropshipping tool and revolutionized their dropshipping journey.

How PPSPY Boosts Your SEO Efforts

PPSPY goes beyond just providing data; it empowers you to take actionable steps to improve your website's visibility and outrank your competitors. Here's how you can leverage PPSPY to boost your SEO efforts:

  • Strategic Content Creation: With the keyword research and competitor analysis provided by PPSPY, you can create content that aligns with user intent and ranks well for targeted keywords. By addressing your audience's needs and preferences, your content will naturally attract more organic traffic and engage your visitors.
  • Link Building: PPSPY's backlink analysis reveals the sources of your competitors' backlinks. Armed with this knowledge, you can approach these websites and request backlinks to your content, showcasing its relevance and value. Quality backlinks not only improve your rankings but also drive direct referral traffic.
  • On-page Optimization: PPSPY's site audit helps you identify on-page issues that may be holding your website back. By optimizing your meta tags, headers, and content, you can send strong signals to search engines about the relevance and authority of your web pages.
  • Tracking Progress: PPSPY's rank-tracking feature keeps you informed about your website's performance. Use this data to identify successful tactics and fine-tune your SEO strategy continuously.

PPSPY Pricing Plans

PPSPY Pricing Plans

PPSPY offers four different plans, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. These plans are available on both a monthly and yearly basis, presenting flexibility and affordability for all types of users. Let's explore the various plans and their associated prices:

PPSPY Basic Plan

The Basic plan which costs around $19.9 per month is the perfect choice for beginner businesses venturing into the dropshipping industry. It provides essential features like sales tracking for up to 10 stores, a convenient Chrome extension, tracking of 100 live sales per day, and the ability to export 100 reviews daily. Additionally, users benefit from 1000 credits for Shopify analysis, enhancing their store's performance.

PPSPY Advanced Plan

The advanced plan which costs around $39.9 per month is best suitable for those looking to step up their game with the PPSPY tool. The Advanced plan is highly recommended. It includes more advanced features such as sales tracking for 20 stores, access to the Chrome extension, exporting 200 reviews daily, and tracking 200 live sales every day. With 5000 credits for Shopify store analysis, users can gain valuable insights to boost their dropshipping business.

PPSPY Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited plan which costs around $99 per month is designed to cater to ambitious entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their businesses to the next level. This plan offers extensive benefits, including sales tracking for 100 stores, access to the Chrome extension, the ability to export 1000 reviews daily, and tracking 1000 live sales every day. With a generous 20,000 credits for Shopify store analysis, users have all the tools they need for substantial growth.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan costing around $299 per month is tailored for big businesses and corporate teams engaged in selling multiple products on Shopify. It offers unparalleled features, such as sales tracking for 350 stores, full access to the Chrome extension, exporting 10,000 reviews daily, and tracking 10,000 live sales every day. Users also benefit from an impressive 100,000 credits for Shopify store analysis, ensuring top-notch performance.

For maximum savings, I strongly recommend opting for the yearly payment option, which saves you a substantial 30% of the total cost. Whichever plan you choose, PPSPY promises to empower your dropshipping journey and lead you towards success. Get started with PPSPY's Free Trial now and experience the difference it can make for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PPSPY provide real-time data for Live Sales?

Yes, with the PPSPY , you can access real-time data on live sales of shopify stores. This means you can see how often orders are being made, allowing you to develop a better dropshipping business strategy based on this information.

Do I need a PiPiADS account to use PPSPY?

No, you don't need an active PiPiADS account to get started with the PPSPY, but having PiPiADS by your side can indeed be a positive thing for running competitive ad analysis.

Can I monitor the live sales of my dropshipping competitors?

Absolutely! You can utilize tools like PPSPY to keep an eye on the live sales happening on your competitors' websites. Just head to the Live Sales section in PPSPY, where you can not only view the data but also download it for your own research and analysis.

Do I need a credit card to activate the PPSPY free trial?

You don’t need to enter credit card details to get started with their free trial, just create a new account and have access to a free trial!

What are the main features of PPSPY?

PPSPY offers features such as product research, competitor tracking, market analysis, store traffic analysis, and real-time insights to help e-commerce businesses grow and succeed.

What are some alternatives to PPSPY?

Some alternatives to PPSPY include FindNiche, a Shopify store traffic analysis Chrome extension that helps you inspect Shopify stores' marketing, listing, Google search, and Bing keywords.

How can PPSPY help me find winning products for my store?

PPSPY uses AI to identify best-selling products and helps you discover winning products for your Shopify store.

What are some use cases for PPSPY?

PPSPY can be used for traffic research, analyzing store traffic, identifying sources of high traffic growth, and discovering shopify stores that utilize SEO, social media, email marketing, paid display ads, and more.

Best PPSPY Alternatives


PowerAdSpy is a Facebook ads spy tool. It collects web advertising from a variety of sources. It forecasts that marketers will find popular advertisements on its website.

Given that it provides the same services as Dropispy, PowerAdSpy serves as an alternative. It is the extensive selection of essential filters and ad sorting.


The top Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo advertisements are ranked by BigSpy. This Facebook Ads spy tool is used by 300,000 online marketers and contains over 650 million ad creatives. Compared to other ad spying tools, BigSpy offers more intelligent and innovative advertising.

BigSpy is an ads spy tool that compiles and saves 160 million ads from various social media platforms across over 40 countries! BigSpy is a very competent, all-inclusive social media spy tool that gathers adverts from social media networks and channels.

Dropship Spy

Products can be found with the help of Dropship Spy. It looks at social media and significant e-commerce databases like Ali Express to identify products with strong demand and then provides useful information to help dropshipping businesses make money.

To make product research simple, Dropship Spy provides excellent tools and capabilities that allow you to quickly spy on interesting products and winners. It is more appealing because of its product promotion skills.

Conclusion on PPSPY Review

PPSPY is indeed an excellent tool that can take your competitive research to greater heights while performing product research, competitive analysis, and much more.

The free trial is a great starting point, allowing you to experience its capabilities first-hand without any financial risk. However, to fully unleash the potential of PPSPY, consider upgrading to the Advanced plan, which offers a wealth of features tailored to support your business growth.

With PPSPY, you can confidently track live sales, monitor competitor activities, and gain deep insights into store layouts and e-commerce strategies.

Unlock the power of PPSPY to find 10x profitable products on Shopify and gain an edge in the ever-competitive online market!

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