CPALead Review – The #1 Content Locking Network

Content locking is the most trending way to make money via Content nowadays, Apart from Adsense & Affiliate marketing people are trying to make revenue via Content locking networks and since a year there have been hundreds of new companies established in content Locking Industry because of the rapid profit in it.

CPALEAD  – Highest Payout Content Locker Network

CPALead Review

Popular and oldest CPA Network: The CPALEAD which is the first network to bring content locking and file lockers in the industry. CPALEAD is a unique affiliate marketing platform since 2006. Online incentive marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and Content Locking serves as the backbone for many businesses around the  globe


The company came into existence in 2006 with the innovative idea of content locker. After that hundreds of another network in the same industry came into existence but the original Idea of Content locker tool was of CPALEAD. now in the Industry CPALEAD is the biggest network with thousands of offers from every country, Highest Payouts as compared with other networks, various innovative tools to promote and the best publisher support ever. CPALEAD is headquartered in Las vegas.

Making Money with CPALead

who doesn't love making money online….. Bloggers, Webmasters always choose an ethical source to generate revenue online and if you traffic is Non-inventive based then CPALEAD is the best solution for publishers to make funds.

“As an innovative, technology driven, network – CPAlead has developed several unique tools that allow Affiliates to extract greater value from their traffic while being provided with a granular level of visibility and statistic tracking that no other CPA network can provide. A long standing Affiliate marketing and CPA network, CPAlead has registered over 300,000 Affiliates and paid out over $100, 000,000 dollars in earnings.”

With the powerful technology, CPALEAD makes it easier for beginners and advance users to generate content, file and URL lockers and how to monetize with it. CPALEAD have dozens of landing pages to make content locker look more unique than any other networks.

CPALead Features & benefits:

  • Over $100,000,000 Paid Out
  • Active Marketplace
  • InstaPay Options
  • Free Page Hosting
  • Real Prizes like PS4s and iPads
  • Affiliate Chatroom
  • File, Link, & Content Lockers
  • Free Achievements and Point Rewards[/box]

CPALEAD provides affiliate marketers with offers and campaigns in the leading lead gen and CPA verticals including auto insurance, dating, mobile apps, debt consolidation, mortgage products, payday loans, and health insurance.

Who can Make money with CPALEAD?

A Blogger, Webmaster, Affiliate marketer and Even content writer. CPALEAD's  is a Content locker network… means you can lock your premium content in offers y advertisers. So when a user of your website completes the offer to download the premium content you have shared. YOU GET PAID.

So every time your download happens you get paid an average of $1 per Completion. However, the payout varies upon countries to countries.


CPAlead is the best network, I am using it on my other blogs and making good revenue with it. They participate in charities, Functions, Affiliate Meetup and Parties too.

Payment Methods

CPALAD pays via numerous of payment methods including, Wire, ACH Direct deposit, Check, PayPal, Payoneer, etc. They have NET 30, NET15 and also NET7 very early payments. I just love their before time payments all the time.

Big Affiliate Community

CPALead has its own in-house community where every user of CPAP leads participates and share his/her thoughts, experience, methods, traffic tips, etc..

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Your turn:

It is always better to try something revolutionary for making money online. I know many of the readers of my blog might be knowing CPALEAD and many of them must be using it also, but for those who are still not benefited, I will strongly recommend them to join after reading this CPALEAD Review .

Do let us know your views about content locking and how much you generate 😛 on it. If you have any kind of doubts or issues, ask me via comments section below, and I will be glad to help you at my best.!!! Happy Blogging!!

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