Reklam9 Review : Premium Ad Network for Publishers

In this Current Online Age, Everything is being commercialized. Almost every websites, forums, blogs uses Ad networks to monetize. May be its Religious, Social, Government or Non Profit websites, I have seen online ads everywhere. There are hundreds & Hundreds of Advertising Companies online with unique strategies and new innovative techniques to attract more and more publishers. Here I will be reviewing very Decent Premium Ad Network for Publishers the which offers Premium support to each and every publishers and enables you to generate maximum profit for each Ad Slot.

Reklam9 – Best CPC & CPM Ad Network


To be honest as a Blogger and Web Developer i have experienced numerous of Advertising networks on my blog and have even implemented many on my clients websites but Google adsense was my favorite choice as Google is Google and none other can compete it. But When it comes to a closest alternative or Ad network apart from Google Adsense then I will surely go for Reklam9.Net . Even there are so many contextual and In text advertising companies but on one can get the highest ad fill rate and Reklam9 uses the Google Double Click Ad Platform which shows the Google Double click ads on your website/blogs with the highest rates. Review

Reklam9.Net is a Next Generation CPM and CPC ad network which enables it publishers to make money from clicks and impressions both. Reklam9 has its own Unique advertising partners and in Addition to maximize its publishers revenue they are integrated the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange , AppNexus, etc.

Reklam9 allows decent websites on their network. You need to have quality and good traffic for becoming a Publisher on Reklam9 Ad Network. The best features is Premium Support, No minimum payment threshold and Regular payments NET30

Features at a Glance:

  • Assures you to generate maximum revenue
  • Premium Support via Phone and Email
  • No Minimum Payment Threshold, Automatic Payments
  • Worldwide Websites accepted
  • Global Coverage with ads in your local language to convert more.
  • User Friendly Interface.


Maximizing Revenue ! The Best Start..

If you are still struggling to earn a decent income online  then it is the best time to switch to Reklam9.Net, Because it takes cares for you, You just need to integrate their codes on your Ad space and just drive traffic to your website or blog ethically. Everything  rest is taken care. As compared to other monetization programs like affiliates, In Text Ads, etc… CPC and CPM Ad Network are always the first choice.

In my two years of Blogging Journey, I have implemented so many techniques to earn money including CPA and Affiliate marketing but Display banners were never vanished from any of my blogs.

As compared to other ad networks Reklam9 should be chosen because of its premium support and maximum revenue generation. If you are having problems using Googgle adsense or still awaiting to get it approved then Go for Reklam9 as it is integrated with Google Double Click programs which shows  the Adsense ads too.

Compatible with Google Adsense

I have seen many of Indian bloggers who still have good traffic on their blog generates only 2 to 3$ per day using Google Adsense inspite of working hard. This is because the Advertisers in Asia have low rate and CPC as compared with other western countries. To increase your revenue generically you may Use Reklam9 with Googel Adsense . DoubleClick allows you to show maximum of 4 Ads on single page (Google ad Policy). Google Adsense and Reklam9 very compatible together. I will show you the example later once I Implement Reklam9 on this Blog!

Final Words.

At last I just wanna say, If you are serious for generating a passive income online and to properly convert your Blog traffic into money then I will strongly recommend you to go for Reklam9. Their features, Support, On Time Regular payments are just awesome which impressed me on my first experience. will be the best source for Advertising revenue for All hard Working Bloggers who work hard for driving Good Quality Traffic. Publishers Sign Up

Your Turn!

Its always better to choose the best and right platform for Earning money. Everyone’s Goal is to earn huge money online but one gets diverted to different ways or gets confused. Just take a long breathe, think right and then make your strategies for Earning and driving traffic. Remember The more Quality traffic, the money income you generate. You may also view the Official Reklam9 Discussion thread on Digital points forums or just comment here if you have any additional questions.

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