Top 5 Websites to Download Torrents via IDM

With the help of new Cloud sharing websites, Downloading Torrnets directly is much easier now. There are numerous of Paid and free torrent leeching websites which allow you to download any torrents direly via your browser. Here we have reviewed the Latest 5 Websites to Download Torrents via IDM easily. this is the updated list for October 2013 and beyond.


Websites to Download torrents directly


Many of your favorite content like Games, Movies or any applications are only available in torrents but Downloading torrents via Utorrent takes a lot of times also the speed will be depended on the torrent health, but here the torrent caching websites downloads the complete torrent file on their Server and will give you option to Download it via IDM or sdave in your Dropbox, google Drive, etc. Also the speed for downloading torrents directly is 10 times fatter as  what you get on Uttorrent. So leave the traditional method and check out these exclusive websites for your torrent downloading needs.

Why Download Torrents via IDM?

IDM is the most popular Download manager for Windows patform, it comes with spueroir way to manage your downloads and also helps to downloads videos from online streaming sites,similarly torrents can be also downloaded with IDM using the 5 Awesome websites.  The benefits to download torrents via IDM are listed below:

  • Faster downloading of torrents upto 10x faster than utorrent
  • No ned of any torrnet downloading client.
  • No need to worry about torrent health as it is being downloaded from direct server.
  • No Additional app required, you may download it in your smartphone also
  • You may browse content inside torrents before downloading and select which content you require to Download
  • You can directly save Torrnets to Dropbox r other Cloud Storage to Download it in future

There are numerous of methods and tricks for Downloading Torrents directly scattered over the web but it is better to use the best method for getting your Torrents downloaded via IDM at super fast speed. There are hundreds of websites for leeching torrents but there is always some limitations and restrictions in each, Hence we have shared the Top 5 Websites to Download Torrents via IDM

1.  The world’s 1st Online Cloud Downloader 

Download-Torrents-faster-with-PutDrive is a genius Online cloud Downloader which downloads torrents or any content from different hosts at super fast speed. It can download Torrents, 100% Anonymous and really fast with incredible speed as compared to other downloads. There is no Speed restrictions in its premium or free plan.

You get free  10 GB usage on free accounts, however you can always switch to its premium for Unlimited bandwidth, Or you can create more free accounts. Apart from Torrents putdrive providers downloading files from 85 hosts with super fast speed. You can also stores your Files in Dropbox or other files storage which will enable you to download later

Visit and start downloading your Torrents at super fast Speed.

2. –  100% Free Instant darg and drop sharing

2qv5y06 is a new Online cloud Downloading service which is 100% Free without any limitations. With Free Service like premium is getting popular all over Internet You can easily download Torrents directly via by simply registering a free account and uploading your torrent file or magnet link.

Yur.Me First downloads the complete torrent on their server, (This will take time depending on the size of torrent) and then you may download it directly from server with full speed. You may also share files with free 5 GB od storage for every account. It also have mobile version of the website, hence smartphones user’s should use yur.Me for downloading their torrents directly.

Visit Yur.Me to download torrents and share it online for free

3. – Your Files Everywhere

Pcloud is another trending Online cloud Downloader and bit torrent downloader which have much unique features than other competitive websites. Their popularity lies is because they have their Official app for iOS and Android user’s. They have tons of features including offline access and Multiple host support. is used as its official link shortner for Pcloud files. Pcloud is a simple to use Browser Web app for downloading your torrents files directly without any Speed or size limits. Their Free plan provided 10 GB bandwidth for free, Moreover you can make more accounts or switch to premium for using Unlimited.

Signup at and get 10 GB of access free

4. Boxopus – Download Torrents directly to your Dropbox


Boxopus enables you to Download torrents remotely to your DropBox Account, Also you may download the torrents using IDM if you wish to. Boxopus works same like the website shared above, You need to ]paste the torrent magnet link or upload .torrent file and boxopus will initiate to cahce the torrent which is then avalible for Directly dwnload or you may copy it in your Dropbox account to download in future.

Boxopus interface is easy, clean and 100%  Free, All you need is to sig up anc create a account for downloading your torrents at high speed. Boxopus is currently in beta stage and hence there is no Premium plans for it, Soon they will release their premium plans with much exciting features and unlimited traffic.

Visit now to Download your torrent into your Dropbox

5. – The online BitTorrent Client

The last but not the least, is the most popular and best Online torrent downloading client. Popularity of Zbigz lies in its simplicity it only deals in caching your torrents and make it avalible with direct download link from ZbigZ servers.

On ZbigZ there is nothing to install or nothing to configure, Its interface is the easiest to download torrents despite your ISP’s restrictions. They have the fastest speed to cache torrents with super fact download speed. Their free version is ok but it have speed and traffic limits, and In their premium version it doesn’t have any limitations you can use it unlimited. There are many ZbigZ Premium cookie tricks available over the net, you can use them or better buy premium membership.

Visit to cache your torrents and download them instantly

These were the Top 5 Websites to Download torrents via IDM. Some of these websites are 100% Free and some have premium membership’s also. However there are numerous of other methods and tricks to Download torrents via IDM, if you know a better trick then do share with us via comments.Like on Facebook to get yourself updated towards latest tweaks.

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