Surfer SEO Free Trial 2024: Access Free Tools with $480 Off Discounted Deal

Won't it be great if you could access an excellent content growth tool like Surfer SEO for free?

In this blog post, we’ll be getting along with the ways on how you can successfully activate the Surfer SEO free trial along with some of the other major parameters like what are the features, and how you can leverage Surfer SEO for your content growth.

Surfer SEO is one of the most trusted tools that exist in the SEO-based content writing and marketing ecosystem.

Surfer SEO can be an excellent companion to manage SEO workflow, boosting organic traffic, and improving the rank and visibility of the blog/article.

Let’s now have a quick look around this blog post on Surfer SEO Free Trial.

Unfortunately, Surfer SEO has deactivated the Free trial and does not offer such services as of now. But, I will try to deliver the update if Surfer SEO comes up with a free trial in the future.

How to create your Surfer SEO account?

Getting started with SurferSEO is pretty simple, here are the steps you need to get along with to skyrocket your overall organic growth and content generation.

Surfer SEO Free Trial offer
  • You as a new user can get along with 2 different options to perform your sign-up process, which includes directly using your Google account (Gmail) or through an email address.
Surfer SEO Free Trial Coupon
  • Once you have successfully onboarded/completed the signup process, you’ll be going through an onboarding survey. It’ll be a set of 5 different questions including things like company domain, the industry you are in, etc.
Surfer SEO Free Trial Deal
  • Once you have successfully onboarded/completed the signup process, you’ll be going through an onboarding survey. It’ll be a set of 5 different questions including things like company domain, the industry you are in, etc.

I would recommend trying out the annual plan as it would save up to $480, the discount can vary depending upon the Surfer SEO plan that you choose.

  • Now fill in the billing details and now you will have access to Surfer SEO and can take full leverage of the features offered by Surfer SEO.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a tool that can help perform proper steps to overcome common hurdles like boosting the organic growth of the article/blog, increasing the search engine-based visibility, and other similar aspects. It also uses an NLP (Natural Language Processing) model which combined with the keyword research gives relevant words and phrases that can be used for optimization.

Surfer SEO offers several free and paid features, the free features include an AI outline generator, Keyword surfer extension, and a directory of SEO Writers; whereas the features that are offered in the paid include real gems like content editor, keyword research, audit, and grow flow.

On the brighter side, if you are looking for more than just optimizing your SEO content and performing keyword research, Surfer SEO offers Surfer API integration and connectivity with platforms and tools like Semrush, Jasper, Google Docs, and WordPress.

Surfer SEO is an excellent tool for optimizing SEO-based content writing and can be an excellent resort for SEO content writers, bloggers, content marketers, and agencies.

Surfer SEO Key Features: What makes it different?

If you are among those bloggers or content writers who work on hit-and-try methods in terms of SEO, Surfer is going to be your resort for writing planned-out and structured content.

Surfer SEO does offer several features across different parameters, these include both free and paid features, let's have a quick overview of the features.

Content Editor

Content Editor by Surfer SEO can be considered among some of the important features that make it stand alone as compared to other similar tools in the market.

The Content Editor by Surfer SEO offers a streamlined system and guidelines on how the content should be written. These guidelines and content suggestions are taken from analyzing the SERP and extracting the relevant keywords and phrases.

Keyword Research

Search and perform analysis upon different keywords that are needed to be taken care of. The keyword research performed using Surfer SEO gives you access to run a complete analysis and perform filtration around different parameters such as keyword intent, traffic, and keyword volume as well.

SEO Audit Tool

SEO Audit tool by Surfer SEO can be considered among some of the best features or tools which can be utilized for better output overall in terms of SEO and everything else. Some of the common use cases of using the SEO audit tool by Surfer include revamping your old content, finding out SEO errors, and performing a white-label SEO audit for your clients.

Surfer SEO’s SEO audit tool can help in getting valuable insights in terms of:

Page SpeedKeyword DensityMissing backlinks
No. of Headings usedNLP SentimentReferring Domains
NLP entities coverageContent-LengthMeta Tag Structures

Surfer SEO’s AI Growth Management Flow

Surfer SEO’s AI growth management flow can be of great use for managing everything which is needed from Surfer SEO’s aspect. This AI Growth management flow can help in delivering the best outcome while covering all the important aspects of content creation and management this basically includes adding missing keywords, searching for high-potential keywords, and much more.

100% Free Tools Offered by Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO also offers a set of free tools that can be of great use to content writers, bloggers, and marketers. These tools include:

Free AI Article Outline Generator

Free AI Article Outline Generator by Surfer SEO

Using the article outline generator by Surfer SEO is pretty simple to be used, as this basically includes 3 simple steps to get an AI-powered article outline in a few clicks. You can also start a 7-day trial which is recommended in order to explore all the advanced features offered, next choose the target keyword, and now go to the brief section. And now, you have access to the article outline you were looking forward to.

Surfer SEO Chrome Extension

You can take full leverage of the Chrome extension which is 100% free to use, while searching for a certain keyword or performing a search query, the Chrome extension will provide a list of relevant keywords that can be used along with two important metrics, i.e. Overlap, and Volume.

You can also get other insights as well such as an updated database, i.e. whether the title was changed, what the monthly average visit on a site is; in addition to that, you can have all of this database from 70 countries making it quite a tool to perform keyword analysis on the go.

Surfer SEO Certified Content Writers

You can also hire a content writer for all your content writing needs, these content writers can be used for blog posts, landing pages, descriptions, and much more. One of the things that makes this directory worth considering is that it does not have any hidden fees, long time-consuming registration, etc. Just choose the content writer or agency and get the best outcome for your marketing and content creation needs.

Surfer SEO Pricing Plans: Optimize, Track, and Audit

Surfer SEO Pricing Plans

Surfer SEO offers 3 different pricing plans including the Basic, Pro, and Business Plan.

Basic Plan – The basic plan starts at a cost of $59/month, which can be decreased to $49/month if billed annually. The plan is best suitable for bloggers, small content creators, small businesses, etc. who have very limited use of Surfer SEO. The basic plan users can generate 10 articles per month, audit 20 pages/month, invite 1 team member, and get access to all the key features offered by  Surfer SEO.

Pro Plan – The Pro plan starts at a cost of $119/month and can be reduced to $99/month if billed annually. The plan is best suited for medium-sized organizations that have got multiple websites to manage along with multiple clients and freelancers. The Pro plan offers this feature to optimize and audit 30 content/mo, 60-page audits per month, invite 3 team members, and utilize all other key features offered by SurferSEO.

Business Plan – The Business plan starts at a cost of $239/month and can be reduced to $199/mo if billed annually. The business plan is best suited for large-scale businesses which have got a bigger use of optimizing and content generation. The business plan gives access to 70 articles/month, and auditing 140 pages/month. The business plan gives access to 10 user access which is quite suitable for bigger businesses.

FAQs about Surfer SEO Free Trial

Does Surfer SEO offer any Free Trial?

No, currently Surfer SEO does not offer any free trial, but users can still access the free tools offered by Surfer SEO for different aspects of content flow and growth.

Does Surfer SEO work on NLP?

Yes, Surfer SEO uses NLP in order to deliver the best results for content generation and optimization. Natural Language Processing algorithm can be of great use to help Google understand the meaning, structure, and sentiment of your text.

Is there a custom plan offered by Surfer SEO?

Yes, you can look forward to a custom plan, if your needs are not fulfilled in the listed pricing plans, you can contact Surfer SEO’s sales team in order to get started with your customized plan.

What are the Surfer SEO free tools?

Surfer SEO offers a set of free tools which can be used for content optimization, and writing in a streamlined manner. These free tools include an AI outline generator, a keyword surfer extension, and a directory of SEO writers.

Conclusion: Is Surfer SEO the Ultimate Content Growth Tool?

So far, Surfer SEO does not have any free trial active. It offered a 7-day free trial earlier but is no more active. But you can look forward to using the Surfer SEO free tools and features that can be utilized for content growth and management.

Surfer SEO can be your excellent resort for managing content and working on the SEO workflow to increase the organic reach, improving the SEO workflow, and improving the rank and visibility of a blog or article. Content editor, Keyword research, Grow Flow, and auditing can be really helpful in terms of content management and research.

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By any means, if you are not satisfied with the services and features offered by Surfer SEO, you can cancel the subscription anytime with no questions asked.

Overall, Surfer SEO is an excellent tool that can help you write and optimize content along with performing a good analysis of the SEO part. On the brighter side, you can look forward to get 17% Off on the SurferSEO annual billing option. In addition to that, you can also use the Surfer SEO free tools such as AI outline generator, and Keyword Surfer Extension, and access the directory of writers.

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