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Are you looking for a Free Trial for Writesonic? Then you are in the right place! In this article, we will take a look at what Writesonic has to offer in its free trial, its features, pricing, and more. Writesonic is a premium AI content generator that can help content professionals to create a wide variety of content with ease.

The popular AI tool is used by companies like Spotify, Nokia, Ogilvy, and Adobe to name a few. The tool leverages the power of the latest AI, GPT4 to create high-quality content for its users. We’ll take a look at that and a lot more. Let's dive into it!

Writesonic Free Trial: What Tools and Features Does Writesonic Offer in the Free Trial?

Writesonic has a wide range of tools it offers to create content for its users. You can have access to more than 80 powerful AI writing tools to create a wide variety of content. You can use these tools to create content for articles and blogs, eCommerce product descriptions, Ads and marketing tools, website copy, General purpose writing, and more.

Writesonic offers a generous free trial to its users with 10,000 words for a single user. The plan also offers features like

Chatsonic: ChatGPT – like chatbot, Botsonic: No-code AI chatbot builder (limited to 1 bot with 1 file upload) 100+ Templates, AI Article Writer, Botsonic – Custom ChatGPT chatbot, Browser extensions, 1-Click WordPress Export, Zapier Integration, Landing Page Generator, Sonic Editor and more than 25 languages.

Now that you know what you will get in the free trial, Let’s take a look at how you can activate the Writesonic free trial.

How to activate the Writesonic Free Trial?

Writesonic offers an awesome free trial for its users that want to try the tool completely free of charge. You can activate the free trial by following this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go to the Writesonic website and click on the ‘Start writing for free’ button.

Writesonic Free Trial

Step 2: Sign up using your Google or Apple id. You can also sign up using an OTP.

Writesonic Signup

Step 3: If you sign up using Google, you will get a confirmation mail. Complete the confirmation, you will be logged in

Step 4: Congratulations you have successfully activated your Writesonic free trial. This is your dashboard.

Writesonic Dashboard

This is how you can activate your Writesonic free trial in 4 simple steps without using a credit or debit card.

What are the Features of Writesonic?

Writesonic offers more than 80 AI tools to its users to generate content for different purposes. These features are grouped according to their purpose like:

  • Articles and Blog Posts: In this section, you will find tools that are useful in creating blogs and articles, the group of tools available includes:
  • Blog Ideas: This tool can help you to find new and unique blog ideas based on your topic and needs.
  • Blog Intros: This tool can help you to write the perfect blog intro for your blog, based on your audience and the intent of the blog.
  • Blog Outlines: The biggest challenge bloggers face is the question of what to write and what are points to cover in a particular blog. The tool can help you to create a detailed outline on the basis of what you can write about, the niches to cover in a blog, and what is trending in a particular industry.
  • AI Article & Blog Writer: This tool can help you to write articles, blogs, and other long-form content like sales emails, ebooks, and more within a matter of seconds.
  • Story Generator: This is the perfect tool for creative writers that want to create engaging and compelling stories in a few clicks.
  • Instant Article Writer: This tool can write long-form SEO blogs within seconds by instantly adding to your topic idea.
  • E-commerce Product Descriptions: This section has tools about e-commerce sites and product descriptions based on a particular platform.
  • Product Descriptions: This excellent tool can create the perfect description for products on your e-commerce store.
  • Amazon Product Descriptions: This tool can help you to write the best description for your that is engaging which will boost sales for your product.
  • Amazon Product Features: This tool can help you to list the features of the product clearly and concisely to maintain the buyer’s attention.
  • Amazon Product Titles: This tool can help you to create product titles based on the guidelines provided by Amazon.
  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline: This useful tool can help you to grab the customer’s attention on Amazon with branded ads.
  • Ads and Marketing Tools: These tools offered b Writesonic focus on marketing and advertisement these tools can help to create content for ads on various platforms.
  • Facebook Ads: Create engaging and creative ads with ease using this tool.
  • Google Ad Titles: Increase your CTR with catchy Google Ad Titles.
  • Google Ad Descriptions: This tool can help you to generate compelling Ad descriptions according to Google's guidelines.
  • Google Ads: This tool can help to High-quality the Titles & Descriptions of Google ad copy to drive more traffic.
  • LinkedIn Ad Descriptions: This tool can skillfully combine creativity and professionalism to increase conversion.
  • LinkedIn Ad Headlines: This tool can help you to create straightforward headlines to reach out to decision-makers.
  • LinkedIn Ads: This tool can generate ads that are interactive and can fetch leads to build your brand.
  • SEO Meta Tags (Product): A set of optimized meta titles and meta description tags will increase your product page's ranking on Google.
  • Short LinkedIn Posts: This tool can create quick, professional LinkedIn updates for your LinkedIn network.
  • YouTube Descriptions: Convey what your YouTube video is about in fewer words.
  • YouTube Titles: Create persuasive video titles to attract more viewers on YouTube.
  • YouTube Ideas: Grab unique ideas for your next YouTube video series or video with this tool.
  • YouTube Intros: Writing YouTube video introductions is easier now than ever thanks to this excellent tool.
  • YouTube Outlines: Out of ideas? Plan your YouTube video with structured outlines using this tool.
  • Tweet Generator: Generate tweets and threads using the power of AI. Create tweets that are relevant and trendy.
  • Website Copy: Writesonic offers tools to write website copy to make your website more appealing.
  • Feature to Benefit: This tool can create benefit-driven copies with ease that will entice consumers.
  • Landing Page Headlines: Capture your visitors’ attention with these AI-generated landing page headlines.
  • Landing Pages: Develop high-converting landing pages like a pro using this tool.
  • SEO Meta Tags (Homepage): Create a set of optimized meta titles and meta description tags using this tool to increase your home page's ranking on Google.

Apart from all these, Writesonic also offers tools for general-purpose writing as well as other interesting AI tools to create various forms of content. Along with writing tools, Writesonic also offers tools like Photo Sonic to generate high-quality images using AI,

BotSonic is a ChatGPT- like bot to answer questions based on your documents and web links.

The tool also offers Sonic Editor which can produce content based on minimal data and Surfer Integration which can be used to write SEO-friendly content.

Writesonic Free Plan: Does Writesonic offer a Free Plan?

No, Writesonic does not offer a free plan for its users, even though it offers users 10,000 words for a single user and features like Chatsonic, Botsonic (Limited to 1 bot with 1 file upload), 100+ AI Templates, AI Article Writer, Botsonic – Custom ChatGPT chatbot, 1-Click WordPress Export, Zapier Integration, Landing Page Generator, Sonic Editor, Browser Extensions and access to more than 25 languages under its free trial.

Note: You can change the quality of content offered in this plan, this means you can choose from 10,000 premium words, 5,000 superior words, or 2,500 ultimate words.

Writesonic Pricing Plans: How much does Writesonic cost?

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic offers 2 pricing plans apart from the free trial plan.

Long-form Plan: The long-form plan starts from $12.67 per month on annual billing and can change as per the word limit you want. This plan offers all the features of the free plan and other features like

Unlock GPT-4 and GPT-4+, Factual and Personalized Article Writer (Available on $49+ plans only), Botsonic: No-code AI chatbot builder (Unlimited chatbots with any number of files), Complete Article Rewriter, API Access, Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration Priority access to new features and Priority support.

You can get a word limit of up to 4,000,000 Premium words with this plan at $666 per month. If you want you can go for 2,000,000 Superior words or 1,000,000 Ultimate words per month.

Custom Plan: For the price of the custom plan you will have to contact Writesonic’s sales team. This plan offers all the features of the long-form plan and a Custom number of words, Custom number of users, Custom AI development, Invoicing options, Dedicated account manager, Training sessions, and Premium support

FAQs about Writesonic Free Trial 2024

How long is the Writesonic free trial?

Writesonic offers a free trial that is 10,000 words long. There is no time limit mentioned so far by Writesonic.

Do I need a credit/debit card to start my Writesonic free trial?

No, you do not need a credit or debit card to start your free trial.

Is there a way to increase the word limit on my free trial?

No, Writesonic does not offer a way to increase the word limit under the free trial.

Can I use Photosonic with my free trial?

Yes, you can use Photosonic with your free trial.

Do I get GPT4, 4+ in my free plan?

No, GPT4 and GPT4+ are available on the paid plan however you get 80+ AI tools to produce content within the free trial.

Bottom Line: Is Writesonic Free Trial as Good as It Seems?

In this Writesonic free trial article, we saw how you can activate the free trial for Writesonic and the various features offered by Writesonic to its users. The tool has a free trial that is generous and can give the user a well-rounded idea about the features and functions of the tool.

The free trial offered by Writesonic can help writers in different fields to create quality content quickly and easily by leveraging the power of AI. This free trial can be a great advantage for writers to improve their productivity and explore different content possibilities with the help of AI. Considering all this, the Writesonic free trial is definitely worth a try.

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