BigSpy Coupon Code 2024: Get 30% Off Lifetime Discount

Are you searching for 100% working BigSpy Coupon Codes to help you get the best possible discount on your BigSpy paid plan? Luckily, we have got some exclusive BigSpy coupons and promo codes that can help you get a 30% discount for a lifetime on BigSpy.

BigSpy has been a very trusted competitive ad intelligence tool among ad spying tools in the market. Where most competitive ad analysis tools focus on a single social media platform, Bigspy functions across 9+ social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Admob, etc.; making it deliver a whopping ads creative database of around 850+ million ads. Quite a huge database, right?

Exclusive BigSpy Discount 2024

Get a 30% Off lifetime discount using verified BigSpy coupons and promo codes. The coupons and deals mentioned below can save you a whopping amount of up to $100 per month.

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Verified BigSpy Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

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Black Friday Deal

BigSpy Black Friday Deal

Use BigSpy Black Friday special coupon code “AFTWK” & get 30% OFF on all BigSpy monthly plans.
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BigSpy Basic Plan for just $9

Use coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” and get BigSpy Basic Plan for $9 only.
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Lifetime discount

Redeem Upto 45% OFF on BigSpy Pro Plan

Use our verified coupon code “AFFTWEAKS20” to get BigSpy pro plan for just $55/month.
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Avail up to 45% Discount on BigSpy Group Plan

Use our verified BigSpy discount code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” to buy BigSpy group plan for just $140/month.
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How to Apply BigSpy Coupon Codes and Promo Codes?

As I have mentioned earlier, you can get yourself started with the BigSpy coupons and save 30% every month for a lifetime using the coupon code, but here is the right way how to apply these coupons so that you won’t miss out on the chance to save big on your BigSpy paid subscription.

  • Select one of the BigSpy Coupons and Promo Codes that you need to get along with.
Bigspy Coupons
  • After selecting the best suitable BigSpy coupon for yourself, you’ll be redirected to the BigSpy official website.
Bigspy Promo Codes
  • Now signup using the required details and sign in to the dashboard to get along with the process overall.
  • After you have successfully signed up, get along with the pricing section to select the best suitable plan for yourself.
Bigspy Discount Coupon
  • Now apply the BigSpy coupon code that you have got from the above section.
Apply Bigspy Coupon Code
  • Apply the coupon code and get yourself some extra discount on your BigSpy subscription.

How much can I save using BigSpy Coupons and Promo Codes?

Users can save a big amount on BigSpy if they are well-versed in the process of how they should be applying the BigSpy coupons for themselves. You can have a look around the steps involved during the application of promo codes and coupons, but how big can you save? Here’s a small table to show how much you can save and which can be the biggest saving deal for users:

BigSpy Monthly PlanBigSpy Annual PlanBigSpy Coupon CodeAfter applying the BigSpy coupon code
BigSpy Basic Plan$9$9/monthBLOGGINGECLIPSE$9/month
BigSpy Pro Plan$99/Month$69/MonthAFFTWEAKS20$55/month
BigSpy Group Plan$249/Month$175/MonthBLOGGINGECLIPSE$140/Month

BigSpy Key Features at a Glance

As we have already mentioned earlier, BigSpy is quite an excellent competitive ad analysis tool that can help in multiple aspects such as ad tracking, page tracking, limited ad ideas, and much more. Here are some of the key features offered by BigSpy that are worth mentioning:

  • BigSpy can be used to perform competitive ad analysis for different segments like Ecom and brand, gaming apps, and non-gaming apps.
Bigspy competitive ad analysis
  • BigSpy also offers this excellent feature to get along with the Advanced filters, as a result, can help in making things better for better targeting, as you can see in the above image, users can run a good in-depth analysis on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc.
  • Users can also look forward to different types of ads like playable ads, and ad ideas, this can be later used in order to make better marketing strategies while analyzing your competitors.
  • Trending ads and charts: Users can also look forward to the trending ads and charts to run an analysis on different aspects, these charts and ads can help in running a good in-depth analysis of videos and images.

BigSpy Pricing Plans | Use BigSpy for $1 Only

BigSpy Pricing Plans

Since BigSpy has been a top-tier app for making things better for competitive ad analysis, they have tried to tailor the app in order to deliver the best output for its users. There are 4 different plans offered by BigSpy that are basically categorized as per the operations.

Bigspy $1 Trial

Users can take full leverage of all the premium tools and features offered by BigSpy, only for a cost of $1. Users can work on running competitive ad analysis across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. It is worth mentioning that the $1 trial is only available in the pro plan and is accessible only for 3 days, which is more than enough to get known with the premium tools and features offered by BigSpy.

BigSpy Basic Plan

The Basic Plan offered by BigSpy is a suitable plan for beginner-level dropshippers and marketers that look forward to using Bigspy as their competitive ad analysis tool. The basic plan costs around $9/month and works on Instagram and Facebook. You can search for 20 queries daily while tracking 25 ads and 25 downloads.

BigSpy Pro Plan

The BigSpy Pro Plan costs around $99/month and is best suitable for dropshippers and agencies that are working on an intermediary level, but by just getting along with the annual billing, you can get this plan for $69/month which is quite a great deal indeed, in addition to everything which was offered you can also perform competitive ad analysis for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. Whereas, it is worth mentioning that users can get this plan for a better price by applying the BigSpy coupons and promo codes that are mentioned above.

BigSpy Group Plan

The BigSpy Group Plan starts at a cost of $249/month and is best suitable for businesses and prices that have got quite a team or work with a team in order to run competitive ad analysis. You can get yourself the BigSpy Group plan for a cost of $175/month if billed annually, users can get an additional discount using the coupon codes that are mentioned above.

BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan

BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan starts at a cost of $3600+/year, this plan is currently not available in terms of a monthly billing option, the plan is best suitable for businesses that have multi-channels to look forward to. The BigSpy VIP enterprise plan works on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, Admob, Youtube, Tiktok, and Unity. Basically, each feature offered in the BigSpy VIP Enterprise plan is unlimited except the track FB Pages which are limited to 100 pages.

BigSpy also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee which is quite okay in terms of understanding how the tool is and whether a certain BigSpy plan is suitable for you or not.

Top FAQs on BigSpy Coupons and Promo Codes 2024

Does BigSpy offer any free trial?

No, currently BigSpy does not offer a free trial, but you can get a $1 trial to explore the tools and features in the Pro plan, the trial is for a period of 3 days.

What are the platforms that BigSpy support?

Unlike other competitive ad intelligence tools, BigSpy works on 9+ different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Yahoo, Admob, Unity, and Youtube.

What are the ad types on which BigSpy works?

BigSpy basically helps in searching and analyzing different types of ads including the ecom, brands, gaming apps, and non-gaming apps.

Can I apply two BigSpy coupons at the same time?

We know that users always tend to save more on subscriptions or purchases made, but applying two or more coupon codes can decrease the likelihood of no discounts being active, so choose the best coupon code and save some bucks on that.

Conclusion: Save 30% using BigSpy Special Coupon codes

As we have already mentioned earlier, BigSpy has been an excellent choice among marketers and dropshippers, since it covers more than 9 social media platforms with a huge database of ads running across these platforms. For a competitive intelligence tool so good, saving some extra bucks is something users always look forward to, Use the exclusive BigSpy coupon: BloggingEclipse to save 30% every month on your billing. In addition to that, you can also get along with a $1 trial to explore the premium tools and features offered by BigSpy.

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