5+ Best Adult Affiliate Programs with High Commissions (2023)

Are you looking to monetize your web and mobile adult traffic? If so, you have landed at just the correct post, which is going to share with you the list of 5 best adult affiliate programs. 

And the secret that everyone knows is that if you do become a successful adult affiliate, you will see just skyrocket in your income. And above that, if you are already an affiliate marketer and you have tried your luck with adult affiliate programs or dating affiliate programs, then you do know how critical the best adult affiliate programs are. 

These best adult affiliate programs can help you to convert your traffic and scale your revenue. 

But before we begin our list of 5 Best Adult Affiliate Programs, let's just dive into a few of the stats related to these programs and how they are proving to be beneficial in scaling up income. 

Why Should You Promote Adult Affiliate Programs?

Well, the first thing you should understand is that it is similar to any other product in affiliate marketing. The only difference is the set of values it holds. But if you have decided to promote adult content, it can be a really lucrative opportunity with the adult market.

  • There are plenty of other niches which you can explore in the adult industry. 
  • And, of course, you are not the only one who is in pursuit of the adult marketing niche. There are many others as well who are competing with you. 

Another stat that we are keen on highlighting is that with the onset of COVID-19 disrupting all our lives during 2020-21, porn viewership has gone up, and so are the opportunities as well, which are available to affiliates through the adult affiliate network.

Top 5 Best Adult Affiliate Programs – High Paying Adult Offers

Best Adult Affiliate Programs

The adult niche is the hottest vertical in the Affiliate marketing industry. There are dozens of Adult affiliate programs scattered over the web with most of them being newborns and having an affiliate program sub-contracted from a different affiliate network. it is always better to work with those Affiliate network that has direct advertisers and exclusive campaigns in the adult industry,

As that network can only give the highest industry-leading payout. I have listed the best 5 Adult adult affiliate programs and Networks that have most of the direct adult offers with the best payouts. This is proven research from my own 9+ years of affiliate marketing experience.

However, this is a limited list, Adult affiliate industry is highly fluctuating. A lot of offers get paused and new offers come to market with dating + mainstream. It is better to do in-depth research and try out many campaigns to choose the best performing for your traffic.

1. CrakRevenue


CrakRevenue clearly has the number 1 spot in our list because it is a leading and well-respected adult affiliate network with over ten years of experience in adult affiliate marketing. And moreover, it is not just an adult affiliate network but also a tech solutions company that offers services to affiliates and adult publishers.

CrakRevenue works with the utmost level of dedication and does everything to offer better features to its customers. And that is the main reason which has to make CrakRevenue is a premier revenue generator for adult industries. It is a direct combination of Adult Supply with technology which makes it a revenue engine for the adult marketing niche. This combination is also reflected in TR's tracking capabilities and also its accuracy, which is quite precise and ensures that clicks you send are tracked and counted towards your campaign.

Along with all this, CrakRevenue has a team of expertise and experienced personnel who have in-depth knowledge making this network a global CPA one.

Talking about the offers from CrakRevenue, currently, there are 700 active offers that you can apply, out of which are have fetched a few of them. There is no specified limit to what you can achieve with this affiliate network, but it offers a good variety of offers, countries and niches, which is an excellent thing from this adult affiliate network.

Most of the CrakRevenue offers interfaces are segmented along these niches:

  • CBD (24 active offers)
  • Cam (99 active offers)
  • Dating (389 offers)
  • Health (7 active offers)
  • Sweepstakes (52 active offers)

So as you can see from this list alone, the dating niche is among the most abundant niche CrakRevenue offers, whereas cam's niche is a distant second place.

Also, CrakRevenue offers various payment methods:

  • Paxum 
  • PayPal 
  • ePayService
  • Check 
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Bitcoin 
  • ACH Transfer  

And regarding the question of How often does CrakRevenue pays? Well, it offers the below payment schedules:

  1. Net7
  2. Net15
  3. Net30

And do note that CrakRevenue strictly prohibits the promotion of any of its products via content locks, spam and any other tactics that aim to confuse users. And in spam, they include email, forums, comments and IM.

2. BongaCash


BongaCash is another exclusive Affiliate Program for the BongaCams brand, which is for adult cam entertainment. It is somewhat different from the other Affiliate networks which are listed in this article as it is an affiliate program and not an affiliate network, and it is tied to one of the major advertisers, which is BongaCams and also other brands.

So here, you don't pick up offers as in the case of other affiliate networks, but you simply have to configure campaigns for different payment models and different audiences and categories. As you are done with this, you can get an HTML code and implement that as banners or redirect links to send traffic through. Plus, you can also find many other in-house ad formats which BongaCash provides.

Commission TypeCPL, RevShare
Minimum Payout$200
Payment FrequencyNET 15
Payment MethodPaxum (no commission)
ePayService (no commission)
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether USDT (ERC20)* (1.5% commission).
Referral Commission5%

BongaCash also provides several widgets and marketing tools which can be used to put on websites in order to monetize them. 

A few of the ad formats BongaCash provides are:

  • API Integrations – It shows which Model is online 
  • IM Ads – Footer Advertising 
  • Text ads – Text Links that can be embedded in your content 
  • GEO banners – Geo-targeting banners with Language Support. 
  • Direct link – Use your own creatives and direct traffic to these links
  • Pre-roll – Short in-stream video ad (up to 20 seconds)
  • Push notifications – Engage users after they are opt-in, even if the browser is closed.
  • Dynamic banners – Display BongaCams online models

Along with all this, BongaCash also enables website owners to run white-label websites on the condition of transferring domain ownership to BongaCash's account on either GoDaddy or Namecheap.

3. Chaturbate

Commission TypeRevenue share: Get 20% of revenue generated by your links
PPL: Get $1 per each signup you refer to Chaturbate
Minimum Payout$50
Payment FrequencyBi-Weekly
Payment MethodPayment by ePayService – 0.6% Processor Fee, or $0.06 on every $10.00
Payment by Direct Deposit – No Processing Fee, USA Only
Check Sent By Fed Ex – $40.00 Processing Fee in the US, $80.00 International
Payment by Wire – $45.00 Processing Fee*
Payment by Paxum – $0.50 Processing Fee
Payment by COSMO Pay – $1.00 Processing Fee
Payment by Bitcoin – 0.0004 BTC Network Fee – Subject to change
Check Sent By Mail – No Processing Fee
Referral Commission5%

For those who are unaware of what Chaturbate is, it is an adult cam site that allows people to stream themselves for other viewers. And viewers can spend money on cam girls and guys, and that's how the business grows. In this, the affiliates have to drive viewers (or cam girls, i.e., broadcasters) to the platform, and that will earn you your commissions.

As per the latest figures, Chaturbate was the 57th most popular website in the world and the fifth most popular adult site. So you have the assurance that you are joining a premier adult affiliate program. On this adult social platform, you get to see live webcam performance by models and couples, which usually involves complete nudity. 

Chaturbate is segmented into six categories:

  • Couple Cams
  • Female Cams 
  • Trans Cams 
  • Male Cams 
  • Private Shows 
  • Spy Shows

From the list above, everything is free except for private shows and spy shows. As Chaturbate affiliates, you have to promote Chaturbate's brand only.

Also, Chaturbate provides you with numerous promoting materials, which include:

  • Postback (not a tool)
  • Embed cam
  • Popups
  • Text ads 
  • API integration
  • Cam listings via iFrame code 


Commission TypeCPA, CPC, CPM
Minimum Payout$50
Payment FrequencyWeekly upon request
Payment MethodPayPal – Fee of 3-5% of the transaction amount
Paxum – Yearly maintenance fee amounts to $44.95 plus a $2 cash withdrawal fee
WebMoney – average fee is ~4%
Wire transfer/check – Withdrawal commission might be charged by a bank for a further withdrawal.
Referral Commission5%

ADXXX is another adult advertising network that is specifically for adult affiliate networks. It supports banners and native ads and offers various payment modes together with basic targeting options. Also, they deliver adult ads to affiliate marketing sites all over the world. With this adult affiliate, you have several opportunities that are drawn from more than 180 countries. So you get a broader spectrum to be targeted across the world. It is just like one of the CPA networks on this list where, depending on the offer and your traffic, you can apply CPC and CPM, compensation models.

Also, it has one unique feature, which is the β€œanti-AdBlock,” by which you can block some data that AdBlock apps use to assess whether the content is an ad or not. The further claim is that this is helpful for adult affiliates where they claw back a few views and clicks, which they would otherwise miss out on.

They also make use of a personalized approach and analyze websites to offer the most profitable ad models. ADXXX makes use of an advanced bidding mechanism where the company has boosted user-friendly customer support along with high rates.

Further, ADXXX also offers you specialized dedicated support with a personalized approach to each customer. Their customer support team is available 24/7 and can be addressed via email or a contact page. Even the Mangers can be contacted via Skype and Telegram.

5. Golden Goose

Golden Goose
Commission TypeCPA, CPI, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payout$10
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Payment MethodWire Transfer
Referral Commission3%

Golden Goose is another Global global CPA platform that provides mobile traffic monetization tools where that majorly focus on MVAS (Mobile Value-Added Services) offers. These services include mobile products beyond the standard voice and data, like live streaming subscriptions, gaming and ringtones. 

The Golden Goose Affiliate Network has one of the most powerful in-built trackers, which are specifically designed for mobile traffic and support 20+ parameters in the analysis. And for a more straightforward campaign setup, it provides you with more than 200 templates of ad network links. To better monitor your ROI and remove the non-performing campaigns on the go, this affiliate network has more than 70 integrated ad networks. Plus, you can also pass the network's parameters, use threefold groupings and many other excellent features.

Currently, Golden Goose carries more than 600 different services. And, of course, that includes adult services. Adult mobile games, Dating apps and adult subscription services generate billions of dollars annually. And for this, Golden Goose serves more than 500 direct advertiser offers for more than 50 regions.

Will promoting adult content ruin your website's SEO?

Well, the only way adult content can damage your website's SEO is when you have a website that is not about Adult content, but you still continue to place links to adult content material. If you want to promote them, make sure you have a website related to the industry.

Is Chaturbate legit?

After reviewing Chaturbate, we can say that it is definitely a legitimate site. Also, it is among the world's most popular adult sites, and thousands of cam models are on it every day.

How much does CrakRevenue offer?

The minimum payout in CrakRevenue is $100, and for those who are paid through Wire, the minimum payout comes over to $500 due to the high processing fees.

What is BongaCash?

BongaCash is an Affiliate program that is behind BongaCams.com. And Bongacams is a fast-growing webcam site with some of the world's most beautiful models. It lets members watch and interact with thousands of webcam girls around the world.

What is Golden Goose?

Golden Goose is a premier and global CPA platform that offers mobile traffic monetization tools for its participants in the global mVAS market. They are specialized in Mobile content offers for over 15 years now and have an experience on both sides of the mVAS market.

What are the payment methods offered by AdXXX?

AdxXx supports several payment options like PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, and Wire transfer/check. 

Conclusion: Top 5 Best Adult Affiliate Programs – Which one to join?

So now, after reading our top 5 best adult affiliate programs, you know where to find the Best Adult Affiliate Programs and networks. You can easily monetize your site traffic using any of the above-mentioned adult CPA networks, which are hand-picked by our experts.

My Suggestion is to undoubtedly Crakrevenue, it is the most legit and trusted network in Adult, dating, and Nutra. It has the highest level of trust gained from affiliates around the globe. With the most accurate statics, better payouts, fast payment options, and a dedicated affiliate manager we can help you to scale your revenues by 10x.

You can use any of these networks to increase your website's ROI and scale your revenue. And to help you succeed in adult affiliate marketing, we have a few suggestions:

Don't just stick with one affiliate program. Make sure you find several decent ones and be safe from the risk of anyone disappearing for a reason. 

  • Select a lucrative marketing sphere such as an adult.
  • Ensure loading speed, as it is a ranking factor in search engines. 

We hope that you like our list of the top 5 best adult affiliate program list. Do let us know if you have suggestions or thoughts regarding them.

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