Adversal Review: The Best Adsense Alternative

Here is the detailed review and my personal experience witch Adversal (The CPM Ad Network since 2003) Why I consider this as the best adsense alternative is because its high payout rates and It displays “Double Click ” The adsense ads. There are hundreds and hundreds of online advertising companies scattered over the web but every of them have some drawbacks. Check out the detailed In-Depth Review for Adversal Ad Network and why everyone should try this.

Adversal Ad Network Review

Adversal Ad Network Review

Money is primary objective for every Blogger and when it comes to monetize your Blog or website then new Bloggers and webmaster at initial stage always Chooses Google Adsense but maximum of them doesn't get approved or get banned from Adsene because of any reason(s) and after that New Bloggers try to experience so many ads network but aren't happy with the Payout rate or payment terms.

Why Adversal ?

There are many adsense alternatives and CPM Advertising companies but as compared to them Adversal is highly recommended because they continue to be a great performing CPM ad network Their CPM payout rates are determined in real time and payment rates are decided by factors such as where your traffic is from, the type of content and bounce rate on your site and how much an advertiser is willing to pay for your niche. They will provide you superior Support via Emails.Also they quality of ads are much better as compared to others. They are popular in the Industry for their High CPM rates and on time payment

My Story

I Blog for Living and like other Pro bloggers I have numerous of Blogs and i can't use Adsense on all of my blogs because of Its content, Hence searching for a Advertising partner for my other Blogs which were only dependent on Affiliate, I found adversal, I am using adversal from almost 1 year.

Getting accepted in Adversal is not so easy but it is even not so strict as Google adsense, They will manually review your website and its content before approving.. Also if you website have enough Traffic and it mets their Quality Guidelines, They will send you “Double Click” Sign-UP form So Double Clcik ads can be displayed opn your website (Double Click is Ad platform from Google)

Believe Me, I was having almost 80% Of Traffic from India and as everyone knows the rates for Indian advertisements are very low as compared to US and other western countries, perhaps I generated a very good amount from Adversal on Indian traffic.

Their On time Payments

I have used hundreds of Monetizing companies in my Blogging career, Even the best like Google Adsense, Infolinks, CJ, etc payments get delayed sometime but I have always seen adversal payments in my Paypal Account exactly on time, Even not an hour delay, They pay on NET35 Payment basis and on 5th of Month their payment arrives at same time. If 5th of a month is weekend or holiday then they will pay next Day.  their minimum Payout is $20, So if you are even getting little traffic or you think you are only able to generate very less revenue every month, Don't worry join them as they pay as low as $20 via Paypal. Below is the proof of payments from Adversal to my Paypal Account.

Adversal Payment History
Adversal Payment History
Adversal Payments via Paypal
ON TIME Paypal Payments

Adversal Features

  • Low Minimum payout of $20
  • Very high CPM rates.
  • Payments via Paypal or Wire on NET-35 basis
  • innovative Reporting system which allows you to track different campaigns
  • Always on time payments since 2003
  • Super Referral program with 10% Referral earnings.
  • Superior Support for Ads implementation and other quires.

Adversal vs. Google Adsense

Google adsense is always the best and first choice for webmaster and Bloggers but for whose who want something more innovate or They are not accepted by Adsense then i would strongly recommend to Sign-UP with Adversal. It is the best and closest alternative  for Google adsense.

Adversal Offers high rates, especially if you have U.S or Canadian traffic. Adversal have an advantage over Adsense by offering various ad types including pop-under ads. Adversal and Adsense can be used on the same page. You are allowed to display maximum of 4 Ads on each page. You may use adversal with any In-text programs or adsense.

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Sign up at Adversal

You may visit to sign up under Publishers, Your Blog or website is manually approved in 72 hours. the main guidelines for getting your Website Approved in Adversal is it should be online from a month or more, It should have at least 2 decent pages with original content and some traffic from U.S. You may click on the link below to Sign Up at Adversal.,

Visit: Adversal Signup page

So bloggers who are still suffering to find right platform to earn money from their Blog or website should start Monetizing with Adversal and I bet you will be very happy with their highest rates and On time Payment. Do let me know your experience, or if you have any additional doubts, then ask us via Comments below.

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