AdSpy vs Minea Comparison 2024: A Comparative Analysis of Spy Tools

Hundreds of Ads spy tools in the market and two dominant players that eventually come to stepping eye to eye are Adspy vs Minea. If you are still wondering which Ads Spy tool will be your ads spying companion then this article is worth reading. So, step up and let's get started!!

But what are they exactly? AdSpy is the ultimate Facebook and Instagram ad spy tool with the largest ad database in the world. On the other hand, Minea is an extensive platform that offers product research, influencer placement, and ad analysis across multiple social media platforms.

Intrigued to find out more? Which platform offers better features? Which one gives more bang for your buck? Stay tuned as I am here to provide solutions for all these questions and more in the following sections.

Let's get started!

AdSpy vs Minea: Complete Overview

AdSpy and Minea are two powerful tools that provide complete data and insights for digital marketers. AdSpy is a leading ad intelligence tool with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads worldwide.

While, Minea is a 2-in-1 dropshipping product research and ad spy tool. It is popular among dropshippers, marketers, and influencers for its user-friendly interface, availability across several social media platforms, affordability and for finding winning products and advertisements.

Pricing Plans$149/monthStarter: €49/month, Premium: €99/month, Business Plan: €399/month
Languages and Countries Covered88 different languages, across 222 countries28 countries, 21 languages
Platform SupportedFacebook, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat (coming soon)
DatabaseMore than 89.8 million adsContains millions of ads, but there is no specific count of that
Product ResearchYesYes
Chrome ExtensionNAYes
Influencer PlacementNAYes
Ad AnalysisYesYes
Shop AnalysisNAYes
Other FeaturesSearch Through Comments, Accurate Demographics, Affiliate Offer Scans, Enhanced Basic Search, Search by Ad Text, URL, Page NameWinning products tool, Advanced Filters, Tiktok Ads, Pinterest Ads

AdSpy Vs Minea Comparison Across Major Parameters

After a thorough consideration of major parameters, here is a complete comparison on the basis of the 11 most important parameters that you might wanna check before choosing the suitable ad spy tool for yourself.


Performance of AdSpy and Minea on Various Platforms

Performance of AdSpy on Facebook and Instagram

AdSpy primarily focuses on Facebook and Instagram, offering a large database of ads from these platforms. It provides a quick, intelligent interface that allows users to glide through vast amounts of data until they find exactly what their campaign needs.

Performance of Minea on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest

Minea, however, covers a broader range of social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. It analyzes influencer placements on these platforms and keeps an eye on the largest online stores, making it an all-in-one tool for spying on social networks.


Unique Features and Tools: AdSpy vs Minea

AdSpy Key Features

It provides the most search options of any Ad Intelligence Tool, allowing users to search in the usual way (ad text, URL, page name) or by user reactions in advert comments.
Users can also search or filter by affiliate network, affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies, and more.
It has a massive database of ads (146.8 million+ ads, 88 different languages, across 222 countries), making it a comprehensive tool for ad intelligence.

Minea Key Features

It has the greatest collection of e-commerce ads for Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.
It also tracks product placements made by influencers across 30+ markets on various social media platforms.
Minea provides advanced filters that allow users to optimize their searches according to their needs.
Additionally, it offers a competitor store spy tool and an influencer marketing spy tool, making it a complete solution for users.

Ease of Use: AdSpy vs Minea

Both of these adspy tools are user-friendly and offer advanced search and filter options, making them effective tools for ad intelligence.

User Experience with AdSpy

AdSpy is known for its simple interface and ability to search for ads. It offers a wide range of relevant filters that allow users to spy on social media ads effectively. It also provides screenshots for the landing page for the ad, as well as the entire landing page URLs.

User Experience with Minea

Minea, on the other hand, is appreciated for its user-friendly interface and availability across several social media platforms. It offers highly developed filters that allow users to optimize their searches according to their needs. Minea also offers a free plan for users who want to get used to the platform without spending any money.


Product Research on AdSpy and Minea

AdSpy and Minea, both of these tools offer product research features, enabling users to find profitable and winning products using advanced filters and search options. They also allow users to utilize various platforms and social media networks for product research and use competitor analysis and adspy features to develop creative marketing strategies.

AdSpy Product Research

AdSpy focuses on Facebook and Instagram ads, providing access to a vast database of ads and offering powerful search functionality to find exactly what you're looking for.

Product Research Using Minea

Minea analyzes ads on Facebook, Tiktok, and Pinterest ensuring users don't miss any product or ad that might interest them.


Influencer Placement in AdSpy and Minea

Minea and AdSpy are both powerful tools for digital marketing, but they differ in their approach to influencer placement.

Influencer Placement in AdSpy

Minea offers a complete influencer placement feature, allowing users to search for influencers based on various parameters such as country, number of followers, and number of placements in the last few days. It provides detailed information about each influencer, including their most frequent partnerships, engagement rate, and the number of placements they have made over the last month. This allows users to find the right influencer for their product and gain maximum exposure.

AdSpy Influencer Placement

AdSpy does not offer an influencer placement feature. It focuses more on providing thorough data from social media sites, allowing users to assess global trends and discover relevant ads.


Shop Analysis: AdSpy vs Minea

Shop Analysis Feature in AdSpy

AdSpy focuses on providing data from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But there is absence of Shop Analysis feature in AdSpy.

Minea Shop Analysis Feature

Ad Analysis Using Minea

Minea offers a shop analysis feature that allows users to analyze competitor stores and gain valuable insights into their marketing strategies, product offerings, and overall performance. This feature can be particularly useful for e-commerce and dropshipping businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and identify winning products and strategies.


Ad Analysis: AdSpy vs Minea

AdSpy and Minea are both powerful tools for ad analysis, each with its unique strengths and features.

AdSpy Ad Analysis

AdSpy Ad Analysis

AdSpy boasts the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads, offering exhaustive search and filter features. It allows you to search by ad text, URL, page name, and even user reactions in advert comments. It also provides unique features like comment search and accurate assessment of ad targeting based on location, gender, and age range.

Minea Ad Analysis

Minea Ad Analysis

Minea, on the contrary, is an ultimate e-commerce product search tool that tracks all ads on all networks. It allows you to discover the best ads of the moment and provides a complete analysis of your competitors' advertising strategy. Minea also offers features to make your marketing research more effective and enjoyable, such as relevant filters according to a dozen criteria: audience, date, gender, age, country, and more.


Pricing Comparison: AdSpy vs Minea

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy picing

AdSpy keeps it simple with a single pricing plan. For $149 per month, users get unlimited access to all features. And using the verified AdSpy coupon code “BLOGE50”, users can get up to $50 OFF for first three months.

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Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea offers there main pricing plans. The Starter plan, priced at €49 per month, provides users with 10,000 credits for various analyses. For those needing more, Minea offers the Premium plan at €99 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Starter plan, but with a credit increase to 100,000. And for large scale businesses, Minea offers a Business Plan at €399/month which provides 150,000 credits to the users. Use our exclusive coupon code “AFF20” to get up to 50% off on your annual subscriptions.

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Languages and Countries Covered: AdSpy vs Minea

Both platforms offer extensive reach, with AdSpy having a slightly wider coverage in terms of languages and countries supported. AdSpy covers 88 different languages across 222 countries while on the flip side, Minea, covers 28 languages across 21 countries.


Chrome Extension: AdSpy vs Minea

Minea offers a Chrome extension that allows users to analyze any shop and see its acquisition streams on Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. In contrast, there is no availability of Chrome Extension in AdSpy.


Customer Support: AdSpy vs Minea

AdSpy users can get in touch with the company via email or phone for any questions about their service or policies. Minea, on the other hand, promises to answer all customer queries within an hour when you contact them via mail at

Pros and Cons of AdSpy


  • Massive Ad Database: AdSpy boasts a huge database of over 89.8 million ads in various niches and countries, making it one of the largest ad spy tools available.
  • Detailed Search Filters: AdSpy offers detailed search filters, including keywords, shares, likes, and even comments on ads.
  • Affiliate Search: AdSpy allows users to search through various affiliate offers and promotions, providing insights into which products are being promoted and how they are performing.
  • Competitor Analysis: AdSpy allows users to easily spy on their competition, providing valuable insights into their marketing strategies.


  • Cost: AdSpy is a premium tool that can be expensive for small businesses or individuals on a tight budget. It costs $149 per month for virtually unlimited access to the platform's features.
  • Not Specifically Designed for Dropshipping: While AdSpy can be used for dropshipping, it is not specifically designed for this purpose. This means that it may not have all the features that a dedicated dropshipping tool might offer.

Pros and Cons of Minea


  • Data and Detailed Insights: Minea stands out for its detailed insights and complete data.
  • Versatile Dropshipping Tool: Minea is an ultimate dropshipping tool that offers a wide range of features.
  • Advanced Search Options: Minea offers advanced search options such as filtering ads by date, media type, gender, country, and language.
  • Competitive Pricing Plans: Unlike AdSpy, which offers a single pricing plan, Minea offers three different plans to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Influencer Marketing Features: Minea provides a platform for influencer marketing, allowing users to see where influencers placed their advertisements.


  • Limited TikTok AdSpy Tool: Compared to other tools like PipiAds, Minea's TikTok AdSpy tool is limited. This could be a disadvantage for users who primarily want to focus on TikTok advertising.
  • No Refund Policy: Minea does not offer any refunds, which could be a disadvantage for users who are not satisfied with the service.

Top FAQs about AdSpy vs Minea

How do the pricing models of AdSpy and Minea compare?

Minea offers three different plans for its target customers, namely Starter Plan at €49/month, PremiumPlan at €99/month, Business Plan at €399/month, while AdSpy offers a simple pricing structure with a single plan priced at $149 per month.

Can I test Minea for free?

Yes, you can test Minea for free and cancel your subscription at any time. However, Minea does not issue refunds.

What social networks does Minea analyze?

Currently, Minea analyzes Facebook ads, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Snapchat influencer placements. Snapchat analytics is currently being tested and will be released very soon.

Is there any coupon code available for Minea?

Yes there is an exclusive and verified Minea coupon code available for the customers which is “AFF20”. Using this discount code can help you get up to 50% on your subscriptions.

Is there any coupon code available for AdSpy?

Yes we have a verified Adspy coupon code offering $50 discount for first three months. Using our verified coupon code “BLOGE50”, can help you get a total of $150 OFF on your AdSpy subscription.

Which Ad Intelligence Tool is Right for Me: Minea or AdSpy?

Choosing between Minea and AdSpy as your ad intelligence tool depends on your specific needs and preferences. Minea offers a more comprehensive approach, covering multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, as well as influencer marketing features. While, on the contrary, AdSpy focuses primarily on Facebook and Instagram ads, providing an extensive database and advanced search options.

Minea's pricing plans are more flexible, with a free Lite plan. AdSpy offers a single plan priced at $149/month. Both tools have their strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, the choice depends on your business requirements and budget constraints.

When deciding between Minea and AdSpy, consider the factors such as the platforms you want to focus on for your ad campaigns, the importance of influencer marketing in your strategy, your budget and the pricing plans offered by each tool.

By carefully evaluating these factors and the advanced features offered by both Minea and AdSpy, you can make an informed decision on which ad intelligence tool is the right fit for your business needs.

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