FeetFinder Review 2024: Assessing the Legitimacy

Have you ever wondered about an opportunity where you can earn money by selling pictures of your feet?

Today, the internet has opened up a world of unique opportunities. Platforms like FeetFinder allow users to buy or sell pictures of feet in just a few clicks.

The website makes it easy for sellers to upload and market their photos while protecting their anonymity. Buyers can browse listings and purchase customized content based on individual needs and preferences.

In this research-backed FeetFinder Review 2023, we will explore the performance, pricing, platform's strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately its legitimacy.

Let's embark on the journey!

Core Insights

FeetFinder offers a safe platform for buying and selling feet content.
You can set your own prices.
Platform deducts 20% commission from sellers account.
Platform offers a 14-day free trial.

About FeetFinder

FeetFinder is a popular online marketplace that serves as a bridge between buyers and sellers of feet pictures and videos. It has attracted millions of users worldwide and become the go-to platform for those interested in the foot fetish niche. It offers subscriptions for both buyers and sellers allowing full access to the extensive library of foot content. For sellers, FeetFinder provides an opportunity to profit from foot modeling by setting custom prices and retaining 80% of earnings for themselves. The platform effectively serves its purpose as a specialized eCommerce platform for foot fetishists and foot models alike.

FeetFinder Review 2023: Who Buys Feet Pics?

FeetFinder provides a secure and easy-to-use marketplace for foot fetish enthusiasts and those looking to monetize their foot content. Here's a look at the potential buyers on FeetFinder:

1. Advertisers and Bloggers

Advertisers and bloggers often seek unique and niche content for their campaigns like foot care, fashion, etc. FeetFinder provides a platform where advertisers and bloggers can find endless foot content to suit their specific needs.

2. Feet Picture Collectors

FeetFinder is a haven for feet picture collectors. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of content, collectors can easily find and purchase pictures that cater to their specific interests. The platform's ID-verified models ensure authenticity and safety for the buyers.

3. Publishers

Publishers publishing content in newspapers and magazines often look for unique and specific foot content for their publications and can find endless options on FeetFinder. The platform's large user base and variety of content make it a reliable source for publishers.

4. Model Agencies

Model agencies looking for foot pictures and videos can use FeetFinder to use new talent. The platform's ID-verified models and user-friendly interface make it easy for agencies to find potential models to purchase content.

Does FeetFinder Make Good Money?

Yes, you can make good money from FeetFinder by selling feet pictures and videos. Sellers can earn up to $50-$100 in the first month and top earners make up to $1000 per month based on the consistency and engagement with the customer. 

Note: FeetFinder takes a commission of 20% from each sale you make through the platform.

Here's a simple guide on how to make money from FeetFinder:

  • Step 1: Sign Up and Set Up Your Profile
Signup for FeetFinder

Visit the official website of FeetFinder and hit the “Sign Up” button to get yourself registered. Once registered, set up your profile by adding a crisp profile description, highlighting the selling points while maintaining professionalism.

Note: Setting a profile plays a vital role in attracting buyers.

  • Step 2: Post Feet Pics

Once you've set up your profile, click on “Upload” to add high-quality content and appealing pictures as it creates higher chances of selling feet pics at a good price. 

Note: Ensure clicking pictures of clean, well-groomed, feet under good lighting conditions. Experiment with different angles and backgrounds to add variety to your content.

  • Step 3: Price Your Photos

Start with competitive yet fair pricing, around $5 per photo. With time, as you gather more followers and gain popularity, you can gradually increase your prices.

  • Step 4: Promote your Profile and Make the Sale

Promotion is important to make money on FeetFinder. Send free samples and use your social media platforms to direct more traffic to your FeetFinder profile.

Once you're ready to sell feet, start responding promptly and professionally to inquiries from potential buyers. Building good customer relationships is crucial to make money on FeetFinder consistently.

Note: Make sure you promote within the platform's guidelines and regulations.

  • Step 5: Be Consistent

To maximize your earnings on FeetFinder, stay consistent. Regularly upload new photos, engage with your customers, and update your profile to keep it fresh and attractive. 

How Much Can You Earn from FeetFinder?

Earning potential on FeetFinder varies greatly depending on the quality of Feet content, engagement with buyers, and marketing efforts. New sellers can earn around $50 to $100 in their first month. However, old sellers are earning over $1000 per month based on consistency and engagement rates.

On average, feet photos sell for $5-$100 each depending on quality and custom requests. Sellers can potentially earn $200+ daily.

Note: Income is not guaranteed as it depends on building a buyer base and standing out among increasing competition.

For instance, if you have 10 monthly subscribers paying $16 each, that is somewhere around $160 from the subscribers.

If 3 subscribers purchase 3 photos each for $19, that's an additional $114. So, the gross monthly income would be $274. And the FeetFinder deducts a commission of 20% from the seller's earnings, i.e., $54.8 so you'd be left with $219.2. 

This is a substantial amount, particularly for someone just starting the journey. Apart from this, FeetFinder also offers a referral program allowing sellers to earn additional income by recommending new sellers to the platform.

FeetFinder Pricing

FeetFinder offers two basic pricing plans including the Basic and the Premium Plan. 

PlanPrice per MonthPrice per Year

How Does FeetFinder Work? A Quick Guide

Here's a quick guide on how does FeetFinder work for both Seller and Buyer:

Register Yourself

FeetFinder Signup page

Visit the official website of FeetFinder and get yourself registered. Once registered, you need to create a profile and start exploring the platform's extensive library of foot content including free galleries and niche categories.

1. For Sellers

List Out the Content

Once you have successfully registered with the platform, click on “Upload” to start adding feet pictures and videos, set custom prices, and manage listings.

Communicate with Users

Use the platform's direct messaging feature to communicate with potential buyers or sellers.

Receive payment

Receive 80% of the earnings from each sale, with FeetFinder taking a 20% commission.

2. For Buyers

Purchase content

Select the desired content and complete the transaction using the platform's secure payment system.

Rate and review

After completing a transaction, both buyers and sellers can leave ratings and reviews to help build trust within the community.

Tips for Clicking the Perfect Feet Pictures

Here are some tips that can help you in taking the perfect picture of your feet:

1. Proper Lighting

Use natural lighting near a window or outside for best results. Avoid direct sunlight which can cast harsh shadows. Supplement natural light with LED lights or reflectors to fill in shadows and illuminate feet. Play with different lighting angles like top-down, side, or backlighting.

2. Background

Use simple, solid color backgrounds to keep focus on the feet. Get creative with nature backgrounds including grass, flowers, beach, etc. Use props related to a theme like books, flowers, food, etc.

3. Poses

Try to capture the soles, arches, toes, and ankles from multiple angles. Use different pose options such as pointing toes, crossing ankles, and scrunching toes. You can also get creative by clicking hanging feet off a bed, or prop them up on furniture.

4. Grooming

It is crucial to groom your feet, clean them, and moisturize them before a shoot. You can also add some play-up features such as arches, ankles, and toes with decorations or nail polish.

Is FeetFinder Legit?

FeetFinder is legit as it is used by real foot feet enthusiasts and foot models for selling feet pictures. The platform implements a mandatory verification process that adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that only legit individuals are using the platform. 

FeetFinder: Pros and Cons


  • Offers anonymity for both buyers and sellers.
  • Sellers can retain up to 90% of the profits.
  • Provides educational resources on foot photography and self-marketing.
  • Allows complete control over pricing strategy.
  • Provides a secure platform for transactions


  • Risk of scams on the website.
  • Difficulty in standing out due to the increasing number of sellers.
  • Requires time and effort to build connections with buyers.

FAQs on FeetFinder

Is FeetFinder free to sell pics?

No, FeetFinder charges sellers offer its service with pricing starting from $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

How much should I sell feet pics for?

The price for feet pics can vary greatly depending on the seller and the buyer. There is no standard price and it's up to the seller to set their prices.

Do I need to show my face on FeetFinder?

No, you can sell feet photos anonymously on FeetFinder without showing your face or even your real name.

Do I have to pay taxes on my FeetFinder earnings?

Yes, if you earn more than $400 from selling feet pictures, you are required to pay self-employment income tax. The income should be reported on your annual tax return using Schedule C.

Does FeetFinder have a refund policy?

According to FeetFinder's terms of service, payments are nonrefundable and fully earned on receipt. There are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. However, in special circumstances where FeetFinder determines that a refund is warranted, the company will issue the refund directly to the buyer.

Can I make photo requests on FeetFinder?

Yes, buyers can make custom requests to sellers on FeetFinder. However, it's up to the individual seller whether they choose to fulfill these requests.

How much do feet pics cost?

The cost of feet pics can vary greatly depending on the seller and the specific request of the buyer. There is no standard price, and it's up to the seller to set their prices.

Are there any additional fees for buyers on FeetFinder?

While the website does not charge consumers for registering, sellers do charge for access to various content and features.

Final Thoughts on FeetFinder Legitimacy

In this detailed FeetFinder Review 2023, we have found it to be a legitimate platform for buying and selling pictures and videos of foot content. The platform has established trust through identity verification, data encryption, and a secure payment gateway.

Moreover, patience is required to build a buyer base, and fees reduce profits. Overall, within its niche, FeetFinder appears to facilitate transactions safely. But each individual must weigh comfort levels and effort required.

For those open to exploring this market, FeetFinder presents real opportunities. But, one must approach with realistic expectations, using caution while registering to any online platform. While legitimate, selling foot content remains ethically debatable to some.

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