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Wondering what Businesses to Start in Bihar? Which one will be a profitable path for you?

Bihar, a state in eastern India, is a treasure trove of cultural heritage and economic potential. The name ‘Bihar' is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word ‘Vihara', meaning abode, and it has been a cradle of peace and non-violence for over 2,600 years. It is the birthplace of two of the world's largest religions, Buddhism and Jainism, and was once a significant center of trade and politics during the Vedic Period.

Today, Bihar is one of the fastest-growing economies in India, with a significant share of its economy based on services, agriculture, and industry. It is the fourth-largest producer of vegetables and the eighth-largest producer of fruits in India, with around 80% of its population engaged in agricultural production.

Bihar's rich history and economic growth make it a promising land for entrepreneurs and businesses. The state's economic landscape, coupled with its cultural heritage, provides a unique blend of opportunities for those looking to start a business. This article will explore the top 15 business ideas in Bihar, providing insights into the potential and profitability of each.

The Startup Ecosystem in Bihar

Bihar, recognized as an ‘Emerging Startup Ecosystem' in the States' Startup Ranking 2021, is a rising hub for startups in India. The Bihar Startup Policy 2022, introduced by the state government, supports young entrepreneurs with a 10-year interest-free loan of 10 lakhs and additional incentives for female entrepreneurs.

The state boasts around 180 registered startups and over 80 mentors, indicating a thriving startup community. Despite challenges, the government's initiatives, including workshops and awareness programs, are strengthening the startup ecosystem.

Top 15 Businesses to Start in Bihar

1. Silk Cloth Store

Bihar, particularly the Bhagalpur district, is renowned for its high-quality silk production. The state has a rich tradition of silk weaving, with numerous silk fabric retailers and manufacturers. Starting a silk cloth store in Bihar can be a profitable venture, as the demand for traditional pure silk fabric remains high.


  • High demand for silk products.
  • Rich tradition of silk weaving in the state.
  • Variety of silk products to offer.


  • High initial investment for quality products.
  • Competition from established retailers.
  • Dependence on silk producers for supply.

2. Coaching Centre

The coaching and tutoring market is booming worldwide, with a projected value of $100 billion in the next five years. Bihar has a growing demand for quality coaching centers, as colleges and universities become increasingly selective in their admissions. Investing in a coaching center franchise or starting your own coaching center can be a profitable business opportunity in Bihar.


  • Growing demand for quality coaching centers.
  • Lucrative market with high potential returns.
  • Opportunity to contribute to education and skill development.


  • Requires significant investment in resources and infrastructure.
  • High competition from established coaching centers.
  • Dependence on skilled and experienced faculty.

3. Milk Dairy Business

Bihar is one of India's largest milk-producing states, accounting for 8.9% of the national milk production. The dairy industry in Bihar reached a volume of 5.6 million tons in 2022 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4% during 2023-2028. Starting a milk dairy business in Bihar can be a profitable venture, as the state has a strong demand for dairy products and a large population engaged in dairy farming.


  • High demand for dairy products.
  • Large population engaged in dairy farming.
  • Support from government initiatives and schemes.


  • Requires significant initial investment.
  • Dependence on milk producers for supply.
  • Regulatory challenges and quality control issues.

4. Online Store

Bihar has seen a surge in new small company owners, making it an ideal location for starting an online store. This business can range from selling indigenous Bihar crafts, clothing, food items, or anything else. Existing businesses can also expand their reach by establishing an online presence.


  • Wide range of products to sell.
  • Potential for reaching a global customer base.
  • Lower overhead costs compared to physical stores.


5. Litti Chokha Business

Litti Chokha, a traditional dish from Bihar, has gained immense popularity across the country. Starting a Litti Chokha business can be a fulfilling and profitable venture, especially if you can introduce new flavors or fusion versions of the dish to cater to adventurous eaters.


  • High demand for the traditional dish.
  • Potential for expansion and diversification.
  • Low initial investment compared to other food businesses.


  • Requires knowledge and skill in preparing the dish.
  • High competition in the food industry.
  • Dependence on local suppliers for ingredients.

6. Warehousing Business

Bihar's strategic location and robust infrastructure have attracted a diverse range of industries, increasing the demand for logistics and warehousing services. A warehousing business in Bihar can provide businesses with benefits like cost savings, improved inventory management, increased operational efficiency, and streamlined supply chain management.


  • Growing demand for warehousing services.
  • Potential for partnerships with diverse industries.
  • High returns on investment.


  • Requires significant initial investment in infrastructure.
  • Dependence on reliable transportation networks.
  • Need for effective inventory and supply chain management systems.

7. Cold Storage Facility

Bihar, being a significant contributor to India's agricultural output, has a high demand for cold storage facilities. These facilities are crucial for preserving perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, thereby reducing post-harvest losses. The government also provides subsidies for setting up cold storage units, making it a profitable business venture.


  • High demand due to the agricultural nature of the state.
  • Government subsidies make it a profitable venture.
  • Contributes to reducing post-harvest losses.


  • Requires significant initial investment.
  • Dependence on regular electricity supply.
  • High competition in larger cities like Patna and Gaya.

8. Organic Fertilizer Sales

With the increasing awareness about the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers, there is a growing demand for organic fertilizers in Bihar. Organic fertilizers are derived from animal and vegetable matter and are considered safer for the environment and human health.


  • Growing demand due to increasing awareness about organic farming.
  • Contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • Potential for export to other states and countries.


  • Requires knowledge about different types of organic fertilizers and their application.
  • High competition from chemical fertilizer companies.
  • Dependence on reliable suppliers for raw materials.

9. Third-Party Logistics Business

Bihar's strategic location makes it an ideal hub for logistics services. A third-party logistics (3PL) business provides integrated operation, warehousing, and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs. This business has potential clients across various industries, including FMCG, automobile, appliances, apparel, pharma, and e-commerce.


  • Wide range of potential clients across various industries.
  • Growing demand for efficient supply chain solutions.
  • Potential for expansion and diversification.


  • Requires significant initial investment for infrastructure and technology.
  • Dependence on reliable transportation and communication networks.
  • High competition in the logistics sector.

10. Transport Service

Bihar's growing economy and diverse industries create a demand for efficient transportation services. Starting a transport business, such as a taxi service, trucking company, or logistics firm, can be a profitable venture. The state government's focus on infrastructure development, such as highways and expressways, is likely to boost demand for transportation services.


  • Growing demand for transportation services.
  • Wide range of potential clients across various industries.
  • Government support for infrastructure development.


  • Requires significant initial investment in vehicles and equipment.
  • Dependence on reliable transportation networks.
  • High competition in the transport sector.

11. Furniture Renting

Furniture renting is a relatively new business idea in Bihar, but it has a lot of potential. With the increasing number of professionals migrating to the state's developing cities for work or education, renting furniture is an affordable and convenient option. Starting a furniture renting business can cater to this growing demand, especially in cities like Patna and Gaya.


  • Growing demand for furniture rental services.
  • Catering to a wide range of customers, including students and professionals.
  • Potential for expansion and diversification.


  • Requires significant initial investment in furniture inventory.
  • High competition from established furniture rental businesses.
  • Dependence on reliable suppliers for quality furniture.

12. Fish Farming

Bihar is one of the leading states in India in terms of fish production, with a total production of over 7.8 lakh metric tonnes in 2019-20. Fish farming has been practiced in Bihar for centuries, and it offers numerous benefits, such as the availability of suitable land and water resources, low capital investment, and the ability to generate income throughout the year. Starting a fish farm in Bihar requires careful planning, preparation, and registration with the Bihar Fisheries Department.


  • High demand for fish and fish products.
  • Availability of suitable land and water resources.
  • Support from government initiatives and schemes.


  • Requires knowledge and skill in fish farming techniques.
  • Risk of disease outbreaks and environmental concerns.
  • Dependence on reliable suppliers for fish feed and equipment.

13. Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic farming, a method of growing plants without soil, is a rapidly growing business in Bihar. The Bihar Agricultural University has developed a hydroponic farming system that benefits landless and marginal farmers, producing green vegetables, green fodder, fruits, and other horticultural products. This method reduces water consumption and offers a time-saving strategy for farming.


  • Efficient use of water resources.
  • Suitable for landless and marginal farmers.
  • High growth potential.


  • Requires knowledge and expertise in hydroponic techniques.
  • High initial setup costs.
  • Dependence on reliable suppliers for quality seeds and nutrients.

14. Organic Honey Production

Bihar is renowned for its indigenous honey, including varieties like Litchi, Mustard, and a mix of Mung, Till, Jamun, and Drumstick. With over 9,000 beekeepers, the state offers a significant business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in honey production. The industry includes manufacturing and processing plants, packaging plants, warehouses, and logistical support.


  • High demand for organic honey.
  • Wide variety of honey types to produce.
  • Supports local beekeeping culture.


  • Requires knowledge and expertise in beekeeping.
  • Dependence on seasonal and environmental factors.
  • High competition in the honey production sector.

15. Solar Power Plant

India has vast solar potential, making the solar power plant business a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. The country receives approximately 5,000 trillion kWh of solar energy annually, with most areas getting 4-7 kWh per Sq. m per day. The falling prices of solar panels and the increasing acceptability of solar energy make the solar panel business a viable business proposition.


  • High demand for renewable energy sources.
  • Government support for renewable energy projects.
  • Potential for significant returns on investment.


  • Requires significant initial investment.
  • Dependence on reliable solar panel suppliers.
  • Regulatory and licensing requirements.

How to Start a Business in Bihar?

Bihar, one of India's fastest-growing states, offers rewarding opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Bihar Startup Policy provides young entrepreneurs with a 10 lakh interest-free loan for ten years as seed money, along with additional incentives for female entrepreneurs and businesses undergoing rigorous training for product improvement and finance. 

The state has a rapidly progressing startup ecosystem and is committed to supporting startups by allotting 10% of spaces in forthcoming industrial parks, SME Clusters, and Hubs. Bihar's strategic location, infrastructure, and high-priority sectors like Food Processing, IT & Electronics, and Textiles & Leather make it an attractive business destination. It's crucial for entrepreneurs to conduct comprehensive research, develop a sound business strategy, and leverage government incentives. 

FAQs on Best Businesses to Start in Bihar

What is the Bihar Startup Policy?

The Bihar Startup Policy is a government initiative launched in 2022 to boost entrepreneurship in the state, offering benefits such as interest-free loans, financial incentives, and shared office space for young entrepreneurs.

How can one register a startup in Bihar?

To register a startup in Bihar, entities must register on the Startup India portal and apply for DPIIT recognition. The process takes about 20-25 days.

What are the high-priority sectors for business in Bihar?

The state has identified Food Processing, IT & Electronics, and Textiles & Leather as its high-priority sectors. Other fast-growing industries include dairy, sugar, manufacturing, and healthcare.

How long does it take to register a company in Patna, Bihar?

It takes around 8-10 business days to get a company registered in Patna, Bihar.

What are some of the best business opportunities in Bihar?

Some of the best business opportunities in Bihar include Litti Chokha Business, Online Store, Hydroponic Farming, Organic Fertilizer Sales, and more. The state is also known for its agricultural base and livestock farming.

Wrapping Up on Bihar Business Ideas

Bihar, a fast-growing Indian state, offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. The state government's supportive policies, like the Bihar Startup Policy, provide financial support and incentives to young entrepreneurs, fostering a thriving startup ecosystem. 

Bihar's strategic location, infrastructure, and high-priority sectors make it an attractive business destination. However, starting a business in Bihar requires thorough research, a solid business strategy, and leveraging government incentives. Success in Bihar's growing economy depends on capitalizing on opportunities and contributing to the state's economic growth and development.

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