Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick for Maharashtra – 2023

If you still think that Vodafone TCP VPN doesn't work then you need to check out this proof manually. The new latest Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick is confirmed working in Maharashtra and Delhi, We may now assure you for other states. This Trick includes the new Music and other very secret host and TweaksMe.com is the first to share this trick openly with All. We have also enabled new download links which makes easier for one to download files easily.

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick April 2023

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick May 2015

It seems the 3G Tricks trend in India is getting popular but to be honest now the tricks and tweaks are getting blocked on daily basis, Almost 905 of the shared tricks on Blogs/Forums were blocked,  and that is the only reason we use a normal survey website to upload tricks. This enables that only the one who really need it will download and rest will not. This also makes the 3G VPN Trick work for longer time.

The Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick for Maharashtra is exclusive Share on TweaksMe, Reproduction of this post and trick in any manner is denied, If found then we will take legal by suspending/banning your Blog/page from online world.

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Coming on the Vodafone TCP VPN Trick for Maharashtra and others. The config is modified with new Vodafone Host (not the numerical host) but one is the music host and the other is very secret Host which can't be disclosed openly here. The TCP VPN config is powered by VPNBOOK and Kebrum premium VPN with latest Vodafone host and high-speed proxies to make it work perfectly.

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick Maharashtra Features:

  • 100% Working in Mumbai and Delhi SIM cards
  • Also Working in Maharashtra and Delhi
  • Based on New Vodafone Music Host with superb speed and no Data Deduction
  • No Need to recharge any kind of 3G or value-added services packs
  • TCP Premium Config included with no disconnection issue
  • The trick was discovered on May 1st, 2014.
  • Users may use it on their Android Smartphone via Open VPN Connect App for Android.

How to Setup Vodafone TCP VPN Trick April 2023

Here comes the main method for setting up this Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick premium config. We have included the latest host and every detail in the trick files, So just download connect and enjoy! Also now the download links are updated with revamped download system which is easier as compared to the previous one.

[wpsm_button color=”orange” size=”big” link=”http://bit.ly/1ui6wkP” icon=”download” class=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Download Vodafone TCP Config[/wpsm_button]

April 2019 (New Link)

Mirror Link for Vodafone TCP Music Host VPN

  • Now just extract the rar file and copy whole content into NMD VPN Folder in C:> Drive.
  • If you are a newbie to VPN Tricks and don't have any knowledge, Just don't worry, read the instructions.txt file provided in a trick folder to understand the steps easily.
  • Now once the configs are ready in NMD VPN folder, Run the nmd VPN app.
  • Now connect your  Vodafone 3G with default access point: www.
  • Then instantly connect with any of the Vodafone configs which you just downloaded from the above link.
  • Whoo!!! The TCP Premium VPN Config for Vodafone will be instantly connected and you are able to browse and download unlimited!!

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Note: The config is of VPNBook and we have enabled the latest password of it, Whoever if you get an authenticate  error then you may copy the new password from vpnbook.com/free-vpn/ and replace with the existing one in tricksme.auth file[/box]

Be-aware  Copycats!

Its conman that almost every new Blogger copies post to promote his blog and later quits Blogging. Posting Duplicate content is like hitting your own foot. Google hates copiers. As TweaksMe.com is gaining awesome popularity in a short span of time, many new kids have been caught with our “Copyright Post” totally copied on their blog. We have started taking DMCA Action against this Blogs. and If one Copy our content even just a para, We sure we will take legal DMCA Action as professional bloggers which will lead to suspension of your blog from Google and banning of your blog advertising accounts.

Final Words!

We have done our best to provide working and verified tricks to our readers from the initial stage. This Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick for Maharashtra is verified working in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, and some southern states.

Stay tuned with TricksMe (TweaksMe.com) for latest tweaks. Vodafone Proxy Trick,  BSNL new 3G trick, Reliance CDMA Tricks will be posted in upcoming Week.  Like us on Facebook to get notified and engage in discussion with us.

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