Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Trick – May 2023

After a long break, TweaksMe is back again with Exclusive Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Trick for this May 2019. After the blocking of BSNL BBM 3G Trick. The only trick which seems to be working all over India is the Docomo 3G Trick. Only very few VPN trick users know about this Tata Docomo 3G Trick, but they never pretend to share. For our loyal user’s we are openly sharing this Docomo 3G Trick on the web.

However, to make this Docomo 3G tweak work longer, we have used a survey site in order to download it. You should go through the features and requirements of the trick before implementing it. Also, you can see the video proof for the same which is embedded in the post here itself.

Why Most of the Tricks don’t Work?

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]As compared to the older days of Blogging now there are numerous of New Tricks blog scattered over the web. Every new blogger thinks to start a Trick blog in his/her Initial stage. The main aim of Blogging is generating money, And continuing generating revenues in struggling competition most of the new Bloggers post Fake tricks with Photoshop-ed screenshots to attract readers and hence this is the reason that even ate trying with numerous o Blogs, Tricks don’t work.[/box]

Why should one Trust TweaksMe (TricksMe.in)?

Well, If you went back a year ago, TricksMe.in was the first blog to share tricks openly without any Surreys or monetization techniques. The trust TricksMe.in build among its users is still the same and can never be shattered. Not only 3G Tricks but we have helped and motivated thousands of newbies with Blogging and SEO Tweaks. We have always helped thousands of user’s with Blogging skills and generating online revenue from it. We have always been sharing only working and verified tricks from the initial stage till now. Before searching for tricks, one should always see the blog reputation and its quality instead of believing in fake comments.

Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Premium Trick

Coming on this Trick, The Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Trick works without VPN or Proxy. We have included the manual DNS Settings and app which will enable you to directly download or browse unlimited over High-Speed Tata Docomo 3G Network. You don’t need any VPN Tunneling applications to use this Method. However, this tick will only work in windows (PC) and not on your smartphones or tablets.  Go through its features before following the steps.

Docomo 3G DNS Premium Trick features:

  • Based on DNS Tunneling
If you still don’t know what DNS Tunneling is, then just Google it for your Info. Like VPN Tricks, DNS Tunneling method works great. There are numerous paid apps for DNS tunneling Tricks, But we have included the full method which won't require you to pay s single penny.
  • Confirmed working all over India

The Tata Docomo DNS Tunneling Trick is based on its very secret DNS which is working perfectly all over India without any disconnection or balance deduction issue. However, there is no assurance that till when this trick will last.

  •  No Balance Deduction at All

Well, forget about balance deduction here, as this Trick also works in Zero (NULL) balance in some states, However, in some regions, you will need to maintain the minimum of Rs.1 balance to connect with the particular APN.

  • Torrents Supported
  • Unlimited Usage with No Limitations
  • No Speed Capping and balance deduction at all.
  • Much faster speed as compared to other tricks
  • Tweaked with new Docomo HVC APN
  • Works in 2G and 3G mode

How to Configure Tata Docomo 3G DNS Trick on Windows platform:

Tweaking with this Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling trick for May 2019 is now much easier with our Guide and complete tutorial attached with the trick file.

At first, you will need to download the DNS Tunneling Trick file wit Instructions, in which all the details including New APN settings and other details are given. And then you may go with the below steps to connect a TCP VPN config on Windows PC. You may see the video below to understands it visually how a DNS Tick works.

[button color=”orange” size=”medium” link=”http://bit.ly/1dgDJch” icon=”” target=”true”]Download Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Trick[/button]

  • Now just read the instructions.txt and do the given settings like APN and Service activating on your modem Dashboard.
  • We have also provided the modified DNS Tunneling app for this Docomo 3G Trick. Hence you don’t need to download from an external source
  • Connect Tata Docomo 3G with HVC APN (Details are given in Tricks file)
  • Now simply connect the DNS tunneling app with the given manual config
  • That’s it! DNS Tunneling will get established in seconds…

Screenshot of the Trick:

Tata Docomo 3G DNS Tunneling Trick

That’s It! The Docomo 3G Trick tweaked with DNS Tunneling is the latest for now. It has been tested and working across all over India. So take a complete benefit before it gets blocked. Stay tuned with us for more exciting tweaks.

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