BSNL 3G Evdo trick working again April 2023

After the recently shared Airtel 3G Trick for April 2019, Here is exclusive new BSNL 3G Evdo Trick based on UDP VPN. This Latest BSNL 3G Evdo Trick is working all over India confirmed with new BSNL APN and a subscription. Before publishing this BSNL 3G VPN Trick here, We sent this trick to our premium user’s early on 30th April 2019, and as per the confirmations, the trick is 100% Confirmed working on Evdo dongles and data cards. Moreover, User’s from W.B and Gujarat also reported this trick working on their BSNL 3G GSM  SIM cards of 128 kbps with the same settings.

BSNL 3G Evdo Trick – April 2023


Some of TweaksMe premium members are already using this BSNL3G Evdo trick without any issues, and hence we assure you this BSNL 3G Trick works perfectly. To be honest, the earlier shared BSNL BBM, etc. tricks does NOT work now. They all seem to be blocked hence do not download the old trick from anywhere as it will lead to wasting of your time.

BSNL 3G Evdo Trick Features at a glance:

  • Working in BSNL Evdo and GSM 3G SIM cards.
  • Confirmed working in many states by our premium members.
  • No need for any special VAS Recharges or 3G packs
  • Tweaked on YDP Protocol for blazing faster speed at no cost.
  • New Details updated for April 2019 to make this trick work.
  • Tested n Maharashtra, Lucknow, Gujarat with BSNL Edo Dongle.
  • The config can be used on BSNL 3G SIM in Android Handsets via Feat VPN.

Is Tweaking Really Possible in BSNL?

Well, BSNL Network is considered to be the strongest as a maximum of Government, and Non-Government agencies depend on BSNL Network. But in the world of tweaking nothing is impossible. I hope you understand what do I mean to say. As the trick works on other operators because of the loopholes and open port, same way It does works on BSNL but very less.

The persons who find and discover tricks on BSNL Network doesn’t share it to enable it to work for longer period. As the BSNL BBM TCP Trick which was working since years but it was disclosed just in 2013 by openly. So just understand the old proverb “Nothing is Impossible.” We are here just sharing the tricks which are found on other Un-Disclosed Groups, Forums, Given by our Premium members and on Facebook Page. We do not engage anyone in developing it. We believe in “Sharing is caring,“

How to Configure BSNL 3G Evdo Trick on Windows:

As this is a UDP VPN Trick configured with some extra secret settings and to make the trick work for a more longer period, It is not better to disclose its method openly here on the blog. We have included all the perfect instructions and details for connecting this trick in a .txt file.

  • You need to download the Trick file first to enjoy the BSNL 3G Evdo Trick on your PC/Smartphone

[button color=”pink” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”” target=”true”]Download BSNL 3G Evdo Trick[/button] 

Mirror link

  • NMD VPN is not required here as we have included the list of VPN’s App to be used. The port, APN details, additional DNS Settings are included in the trick file. Just read out all the instructions for implementing.
  • The method given is only for Windows, For using the same Trick on your BSNL 3G SIM Android Handsets, Just comment here, and we will guide you.

Screenshot of BSNL 3G Trick:

Screenshot Courtesy: Vivek (Gujarat)

Frustrated About Tricks?  Here is the solution.

When I was the newbie just like you, I too was very frustrated about working trick., Like you, I also have wasted a couple of hours trying a trick from different blogs, and at the end, it doesn't work. Well, this is a common issue and lack of trust and Knowledge. Initially I wanna advise you to analyze the authenticity of a Trick sharing Blog before wasting time, Secondly, Make sure you are testing the latest trick of that particular, As nowadays many New Bloggers are posting/Copying the older tricks by changing its titles, This misleads the readers, and hence no result occurs.

Final Words

Give a try to this super duper BSNL 3G Evdo Trick and lessen your burden over the internet bills. For any issues or problems, while tweaking, you are welcomed to ask your questions via the comments section below. Comments asking the trick via emails will not be entertained. At last Just Like Tweaskme Facebook page to get regular updates on your Social Wall.

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