New Aircel 3G Direct Trick – April 2023

After long research and testing, we have finally found the Working Aircel 3G Direct Trick for this Summer April 2023. The Airtel 3G Direct Trick is a sure shot working trick tested in UP East. The Aircel 3G Trick 2014 is predicted to work in many states including a maximum of southern regions. This is the first time we are publishing a direct 3G  trick. Apart from the VPN or Proxy Tricks, direct tricks do work with some additional tweaks.

Aircel 3G  Direct Trick – 100% Working


Most of the readers must have noticed many of the tricks sharing blogs have been posting direct tricks on the daily basis and its conman that these don’t work. They were manipulating your emotions for earning money. Still, some of the blogs have posted direct tricks like Vodafone Direct and BSNL Direct; Everyone knows its almost impossible that a Direct 3G Trick will work in Vodafone or BSNL.

Well coming on the topic The Aircel 3G Direct trick is tweaked with a recharge and DNS Tunneling method. This is not exactly a trick but bug in Aircel 3G Network which is surely benefiting lots of senior members from tricks sharing community to use unlimited Aircel 3G. I can not disclose the whole secret method openly here; A hint is enough for Intelligent.

Tricks Tricks Tricks!!!  Who is Ethical?

I am writing this because I have got many comments and emails from readers Regarding their experience in finding working tricks. The blogging world and even traffic strategies are changed a lot since a year or more. Almost every blogger or a trick user’s have initiated a Tricks Blog to monetize from blogging which is a good start.
To Earn money via Blogging, new Bloggers have started flooding their blogs with tons of tricks which are fake. They are just hitting ax on their legs.

Many of the readers who use google to find tricks gets directed on the blog, but later when they see the particular 3G Trick was fake, they get deceived and never trust the same blog again.

The Ultimate Advice

If you are frustrated because of the paid internet and really wanna use some kinda GPRS/3G Tricks then it’s better to use Google but make sure you don’t stick with fake blogs. Try to find the authentic of the blog rather than believing in fake comments/testimonials.

The Trust and its initiative have served more than a  million users. The ultimate faith users have in is because of it’s quality and Genuine tricks Sharing. We have more than 20k of email subscribers who still uses for 3G Tweaks.

Aircel 3G Direct Trick Features:

Here are some of the features and benefits of Aircel 3G Direct Trick for April 2023. Go through it before tweaking with the method given below.

  • Direct Trick with DNS tweak: This is the latest ye most elusive Direct Aircel 3G Trick based on some advanced Aircel DNS functionality which makes it work directly on its pre-defined APN.
  • No Special plans or recharges needed: With this latest Aircel DNS Settings, you need to maintain Rs.1 balance in your account, and no additional Internet or blackberry plan is required. Connect with the default idea internet APN.
  • No Balance Deduction at All: Well, Just forget about balance deduction here, as this Trick also works in Zero (NULL) balance in some states, However in some regions, you will need to maintain a minimum of Rs.1 balance to connect with the particular APN.
  • Torrents and P2p Downloading Supported.
  • Unlimited Usage with No Limitations
  • No Speed Capping and balance deduction at all.
  • Much faster speed as compared to other tricks
  • Tweaked with new Aircel iPhone APN
  • Works in 2G and 3G mode
  • 100% Working and tested by our premium users.

How to Configure Aircel 3G Direct Trick on Windows platform:

The Aircel direct internet trick will only work in windows. You may not use this tweak on your Android smartphones or tablets. The methods configure your internal SIM Access point settings followed by entering personal DNS Settings on your PC.

At first, download the Aircel 3G Trick complete package.

[button color=”pink” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”” target=”true”]Download Aircel 3G Direct Trick[/button]

The trick files include Aircel private APN, DNS Settings to be configured and instrutions.txt file which has all the steps.

We have done our best to provide all the necessary details in the Trick file which is enough to make the Aircel  Direct 3G Trick work at your end.

Screenshot of Aircel 3G Trick:


Your turn!

We have done our best to provide working and verified tricks to our readers from the initial stage. This Aircel Direct Trick is verified working in UP East, WB, Delhi, AP, M.P, and some southern states.

Stay tuned with TricksMe ( for latest tweaks.  Like us on Facebook to get notified and engage in discussion with us.

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