How to Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D – Simple Trick

Owning Idea Netsetter E303D  but want to use different SIM cards in It? Here is the easiest yet simplest trick to Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D easily via Huawei Firmware. getting a 3G data card Unlocked have now become a trend, Internet addicited user’s should always go for Unlocked 3G Dongles as you may any service provider and can change it anytime but for those who already have Locked Idea Netsetter E303D should get their dongles unlocked easily which will enable them to use Any Network globally.

Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D

How to Unlock Idea Netsetter E303D

Huawei is the No.1 data card manufacturer globally with its best quality products in cost effective price. Indian telecom companies Do promote their 3G data services by re-branding these dongles with their brand and locking it with their network but as this is done virtually with software, Hence once can also get it Unlocked easily via degrading or Changing its firmware.

There are numerous of Tricks and tweaks for Unlocking Idea Netsetter E303D Scattered over the internet but the older tricks doesn’t work for now as company have changed its firmware to the new once which has an extra layer of security and older previously shared tools doesn’t work for now,. The new Sure Shot method for Unlocking Huawei E303D is 100% Working and tested multiple Huawei devices. Lets directly go to the simplest tutorial for getting your Huawei Data card Unlocked.

Unlocking Idea Netsetter E303D in 3 easy Steps

Here comes the tutorial for Unlocking the Huawei E303D using Huawei Firmware patcher. You do not need to downgrade the firmware and then unlock it manually via code because this Exclusive Huawei Firmware Patcher will easily remove the carrier restrictions from your dongle’s firmware which will remove all the Carrier restrictions. Just follow the steps below before implementing.

Download Huawei E303D Firmware patcher

  • After it, Connect your Idea Netsetter E303D to your computer via USB port.(Make sure No SIM card is Inserted in the device)
  • Wait till the requires drivers get installed automatically.
  • Now run Huawei Firmware patcher which you downloaded from above link, The Application will detect your Dongle through COM port.
  •  Just Click on the Unlock Button to initiate the process of Unlocking
  • The tool will start to patch its firmware with default one for removing particular barrier restrictions.
  • Once completed, unplug your Idea Netsetter E303D and you may use any SIM card in it!

We recommend you to download latest Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard Application to use extra services such as call, SMS , USSD, etc

That’s it! this was the easiest yet effective method shared for unlocking Huawei Dongles, Credits goes to to share this awesome tool. This method will also work for Unlocking Idea netsetter E7132.

Share us your experience in the comments sections below, Also if you are facing any kind of issues while unlocking, Do ask us and we will try out best to resolve your issue and Like TweaksMe on Facebook to get yourself updated towards latest Tweaks.

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      Idea Nessetter E7132 is best under Rs.1300, You need to unlock it or you may get it unlocked in the market, The huawei dongles support many features and you may use Mobile partner dashboard for It.

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